God of War Ragnarok – Top 10 Gameplay and Story Progressions We Want

Devin Rardrin: Sony is tight-lipped about God of War, but we hope it can answer long-standing story threads and amplify the exceptional gameplay.

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ScootaKuH35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Will they be bold and kill Kratos off, and have Atreus take the series forward?

I'm kind of hoping not, as I really like Kratos but he's getting old and I think that there's some foreshadowing at the end of the last GoW, which apparently shows his demise. Kratos surely deserves peace?

Bobertt34d ago

If Atreus actually kills Kratos and becomes Loki they won't have him carry the series on they will end it. I think they are going to tease it but at the end they will have Atreus not do it cause they seem to be hinting at stopping the cycle of the Gods and Parents/Kids killing each other.

ScootaKuH33d ago

They would end the current God of War arc sure, but what if Atreus got his own spin off?

Thinking about it, I don't think Atreus will kill Kratos, but the final mural in GoW did appear to show Kratos dying in Atreus's arms. Maybe Kratos dies but is not killed?

So much mystery, I'm really looking forward to seeing where they take the story, but honestly, Kratos is old now, can they really continue with him as the main protagonist?

Master of Unlocking33d ago

Kratos can't die, he's a god. Remember?

ScootaKuH33d ago

So was Zeus, Hades, Hermes, Ares, Helios etc the list of Gods Kratos killed goes on, so why not him?

I don't think they'll kill him off, but is he really strong enough to go up against Odin and Thor? He struggled enough against Baldur.

TeamIcoFan35d ago

Bring it and the first one to PC.

Silly gameAr34d ago

Why do you guys always have to come into Playstation articles and leave that comment. Tweet Sony about it. Spamming that in PS articles isn't going to get it done.

Master of Unlocking33d ago

If you could afford a PC powerful enough to run God of War 2018 in the event it was ported, I think you can afford a PS5, or at least a PS4. What's stopping you?