Quantum Error for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PS4 Shows Gameplay in New Teaser Trailer

Teamkill Media revealed a new teaser trailer of its upcoming “Cosmic Horror” game Quantum Error, showing gameplay.

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RaidenBlack821d ago

Nearly forgot about this game ...

Spenok820d ago

Agreed, although it does look better than the last time we saw it.

LucasRuinedChildhood821d ago

Definitely one of the more interesting games on the horizon, along with Deathloop, in a time when most big games are sequels. The start of a new gen is supposed to bring a flood of new IP.

Einhander1971821d ago

Yes I forgot to, but seeing that has got my attention again. Looks promising for sure.

Nacho_Z821d ago

I'm not expecting it to be amazing review wise but I do like the look of it a lot.

sourOG820d ago

Still no release date? Wasn’t this supposed to be a launch title?

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