City of Tsushima Opens Official Collaboration Website With Ghost of Tsushima

Today city of Tsushima in Japan sent a press release announcing an official collaboration with Sony's Ghost of Tsushima.

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SullysCigar40d ago

Great to see this amazing game getting the respect it deserves even from the place that inspired it.

Evidently both parties are proud to be associated with one another.

elazz40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Don't wanna bring back old topics but I'm curious to hear a reaction from the guy who wrote the "cultural insensitive / appropriation" review. Wanna know his opinion on Japan/Tsushima's endorsement of this game and that they made the game leads official ambassadors for the island.

fr0sty40d ago

I remember reading a Japanese game developer's take on it not long after it released, and them saying something to the effect of it being obvious it was developed by American developers, but that they did a good enough job of representing Japan for it to still be respected by the Japanese.

Abriael40d ago

He's probably just pretending he never said it. Most of these dolts do.

It takes absolute ignorance about Japanese culture and attitude to think they'd be offended by what westerners call "cultural appropriation." They absolutely love to see their culture celebrated like this.

EazyC39d ago

That's the thing with outrage culture, very few of them are fundamentally offended, but they pretend to be because they know it "ought" to catch on with like-minded simpletons on social media etc

-Foxtrot39d ago

This is one of the reasons why this was my GOTY last year, it wasn’t just a great game, the game actually made an impact in our world

Kickstarter for repairing the Watatsumi Shrine on Tsushima island after a Typhoon hit

Two people behind the game becoming ambassadors for the island

A collaboration site between the games site and the cities

DFresh39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Even though Ghost of Tsushima got robbed for Game of the Year I'm glad that this series is still getting recognition in different ways.
Sucker Punch did an amazing job with this game and deserves much success.

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