Comparing Character Creation Tools from 4 Games - Which One is Best?

CG writes: Here we take a look at four games from various developers three from East Asia, and one from Europe. We look at the character customization in the four games running at the same time using an RTX 3090 i9 9900K combo. We compare and contrast the character customization tools in Nioh 2 Complete Edition (AS), League of Maidens (AS), Cyberpunk 2077 (EU) and Black Desert Online Remastered (AS).

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Andy_Dee34d ago

Worst comparison video i've seen... Doesn't really go in depth comparing them, has some pre-made characters and some he just does.

Doesn't seem to show, specific things you can do/change at what is different and alike between these creators..

Save your clicks and time you fine people.

bunt-custardly34d ago

If you look at the website there are four specific videos for each game.I didn't see those yesterday though.

ZeroBlue234d ago

Black Desert has the most robust character creation tool that I've seen so far.

slayernz34d ago

best one i can remember was twilight 2000, choosing career paths and schools etc led to the stats you were given, used to spend hours trying to see the best character i could make