New free course and gear arrives in PGA Tour 2K21

Neil writes: "PGA Tour 2K21 is quite possibly the best golf game of recent times. Combining the developmental power of HB Studios with the marketing prowess of 2K has allowed for the game to deliver a hugely deep, massively immersive golfing experience to fans. But even though the base game was already pulling the shots and hitting under par rounds, it just keeps getting better still - especially now that a new free course and a host of gear has arrived."

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Shuckylad822d ago

Also coming soon is the tiger woods golf crash cart racing add on.

Applejack821d ago

Wow, you have a twisted sense of humour and not in a good way.

ZeekQuattro821d ago

Tiger: Ambien is a powerful drug. For shizzle. Lol

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Bigman4k821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

Should've kept making tiger woods pga golf games