Monster Hunter 3 producer has hopes for the game in North America

Monster Hunter 3 producer Kenji Tsujimoto recently said that he has hopes for Monster Hunter 3 in North America, which brings the game one step closer to release.

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Smacktard3700d ago

Ahh, this was a much better read than that "Monster Hunter 3 producer thinks game will fail miserably in North America, but is having it published there anyways" article that I read the other day.


i just hope they dont implement corny controls...i feel it would have been a better game on ps3 and 360

ChickeyCantor3700d ago

GCN-controller is supported so why worry about the controls that much?

qface643700d ago

im gonna get this game on day 1 im gonna love it so much

TheColbertinator3700d ago

If Nintendo and Capcom advertise it,I think the Wii community will really enjoy it.

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The story is too old to be commented.