Outriders first look: 60fps is the key upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series consoles

Digital Foundry: "Imagine the cover-shooting mechanics of Gears of War combined with four unique superhero classes and an open world layout with up to three player squads - and basically, that's Outriders. Developed by People Can Fly, the demo is enjoying plenty of attention at the moment - allowing players to test out the first chapter, then roll that progress into the full game due early next month. Within this advance sampler, users get a slice of the story, some side-missions, along with a chance to check out some fiery superpowers. All are hugely satisfying in their own right and combat is fast and dynamic, but it's fair to say that the experience varies significantly by the platform. We checked out the game on Xbox One X for a taster of the last-gen experience, then moved on to the new wave of consoles to see what's what - and the results are intriguing."

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RazzerRedux37d ago

"The head-to-head between PS5 and Xbox Series X is interesting in that two machines that have thus far shown similar capabilities are utilised in different ways in this title. Again, both use dynamic resolution scaling and temporal upsampling, with a 1440p to 2088p window on the premium Microsoft machine, dropping to a 1260p to 1800p range on PlayStation 5. The results of this are pretty much as you would expect based on what we've seen from these machines - the Xbox is not as stable, running in a 50-60fps range, while PlayStation 5 only has minor drops from its target 60 frames per second."

That seems to be the common trade off so far this generation. XSX is getting more pixels while PS5 is getter more frames.

Extermin8or3_37d ago

I mean a few less pixels tend not to disrupt my gameplay.... frame drops however.... -_-

Automatic7937d ago

It's a developer issue not a hardware issue on both platforms. People Can Fly has to find the balance to ensure resolution and frame rates are consistent.

darthv7236d ago

Im actually quite surprised by the Series S in this piece. It really is like the little engine that could compared to the big brother locomotive.

Livingthedream36d ago

Yup wouldn't invest in one but it's defint holding up well. So far.

Binarycode36d ago

The strange thing is, the PS5 has higher pixel throughput.

142.6 gpixels PS5.

116 gpixels series x.

The res should be the other way around. PS5 will always win performance wise.

Babadook731d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Res is always about the total GPU performance, not merely pixel throughput. Ps5 definitely gets the win here as much smoother performance is the only noticeable difference.

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Father__Merrin37d ago

I've a feeling Microsoft is pushing for devs possibly to push as high resolution as possible so they can claim 1up on competition. They should lower the max res as you won't really notice and bump fps up

_LarZen_37d ago

If you have a TV or monitor with VRR you wont notice these dips on SeriesX. So go for that version if you got a VRR device and both consoles.

waverider37d ago

The best performance is on the ps5. Again. They try to find excuses, but its the reality.


There should never be an excuse for subpar optimization IMO. The PS5 is capable of hitting native 4K and the Series X is capable of maintaining 60fps throughout chaotic gameplay.

People Can Fly better have a substantial patch for both next-gen versions at launch because neither version is even scratching the surface of what these platforms can do.

waverider36d ago

Agree, but more and more games are like this...

OB1Biker36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I agree. XSX should have the same resolution as PS5 for better performance. It s not the first time. Like there is an issue with dynamic res on xbox. It is clear they should be similar.


At the 7:00 minute mark where they talk about the PS5 missing flag physics (I'm sure this will be corrected on the final release), does anyone else notice how muted the colors are on the PS5? Aside from the resolution advantage, I also find the colors to be much more vibrant/punchier on the Series X.

I think both versions could use improvements personally. Good thing DF makes devs aware of these issues before they post these videos.

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