New Star Citizen Video Shows Massive New Caves as Crowdfunding Passes $349 Million

Star Citizen is continuing to make progress toward the next alpha numbered 3.13, and today a new video shows a major component of the update.

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Kaii40d ago

* Pre-production of the game began in 2010, with production starting in 2011
Getting the whole, "we're still milking this thing" vibe.

RazzerRedux40d ago

Of course. Plenty of us enjoy playing the game as it continues in development.

Neonridr40d ago

it'll never finish though. The creator won't let it.

RazzerRedux40d ago

If being "finished" meant being playable then you would have a point. But it is playable so you don't. If you don't like that scenario for gaming then don't buy it. Pretty simple.

Rocketisleague39d ago

Neonridr, most game don't ship finished these days. Let alone mmos

thesoftware73039d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Ok, so if there is enough game and gameplay, why not release the game and take it out of crowdfunding? Make money from game sales and the apparent MT.

All other content can be free DLC or even a few paid ones if they need more than $349 mill. They sell DLC ships for $100s of dollars, Finish or release the game before you start selling horse armor lol.

Razzer, you can defend all you want and tell people not to buy it if they don't like it, but that is missing the point. This has been ongoing for like 9-10 years, its an endless loop with no end in sight. Its a dirty practice and you seem to jump off on other things from MS, Nintendo and Sony but these guys get a pass?

oh that's right, the game is to ambitious to finish with $350mill and almost 10years..ridiculous.

@ Neon
Exactly, they can keep this up forever. The dude in the vid said he had to wait for the tech to realize his vision, what the hell, Tech changes over the last 10 years have been big, so technically he can say the same shit forever... This 3090 wasn't able to produce my vision..i will wait for the 40xx cards. Oh, wait had a new vision..gotta wait for the 50xx cards. Its a racket.

39d ago
Viking_mo39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

See this right here? Is terrifying. Fact that people are willing to defend this scam and say its ok, is not ok. How long do you honestly think they'll keep asking for more till you eventually say enough is enough. These guys are pulling a bigger scam than the Nigerian Prince

RazzerRedux39d ago (Edited 39d ago )


No, I'm afraid you are missing the point. The game is available to buy and play. You are trying to apply conventional gaming thinking to SC and that is why you and others are confused. The scope of the game is truly massive. The people who contribute to the funding know this and this is why they continue funding it and being there playing while the game advances. This isn't simply a game that is pressed onto a bluray disc and put on a shelf. I know people like you have a hard time with the concept of a game that is continuously evolving, but that is what SC is. People like you are so hung up on this "released" label as if that is the only way games should ever be delivered. There are plenty of games on Steam in "early access" that are significantly smaller in scope than SC. The horror.

"Its a dirty practice and you seem to jump off on other things from MS, Nintendo and Sony but these guys get a pass?"

Bullshit. If I thought SC was a scam I would be calling it that so you can stop with this "pass" nonsense. The fact of the matter is that I own the game and I've played the game. Have you? Hell, do you even bother to read the articles and the new content that Abriael posts here? don't. Are you seriously going to pretend to be informed on this subject? If I "jump off on" whatever then it because I have an informed opinion on it. Just as I do with SC.

"oh that's right, the game is to ambitious to finish with $350mill and almost 10years..ridiculous."

Why don't you educate yourself? Read the articles. Go on youtube and look at all the videos of people playing this "unreleased" game?

There is plenty more than that. Not that you will bother. Easier to be judgemental via willful ignorance, isn't it?


"If they just started selling it like a regular game and said future development was funded by micro (can you call multi-thousand dollar ships "micro"?) transactions."

Again, the game is available to buy right now. $45 is all that is required. This is obviously not a conventional game. It is a massive MMO and in continuous development.


I paid less than a typical AAA game for Star Citizen and that's all I've paid. The game is fun to play and I'm enjoying it. So what's your problem? You tell me. How was I scammed? What if I like it so much that I want to help contribute to the effort and donate to the crowd funding? It is my money. Somehow you think what I am doing is "not ok". Who the hell are you to tell me what I do is "ok" or not "ok"?

This pretty much sums up your post:

Neonridr39d ago

@RazzerRedux - I just mean the creator will never stop trying to milk more money out of people. I get that it's playable, and I'm happy you are enjoying it.

39d ago
RazzerRedux39d ago (Edited 39d ago )


Yeah, they sucked at the PR and they had some pitfalls along the way. It doesn't matter. They are making a product that a lot of people want to buy and be a part of. Again, people are backing this project because they want to. It is their money. I might as well haunt every Nintendo Switch article and tell people they are being scammed simply because I'm not a Switch fan. It makes no sense at all.

"Look by their own words this is still an alpha build (not even beta yet). "

So? They continue to add features. Folks know this. What is the problem?

And no, I don't have any problem with MTs or loot boxes either. People can do what they want. No one is forcing them to do anything. It is called personal responsibility.

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Shiore2u39d ago

Almost as long as The Last Guardian's development, and still more to show for it.

FlameBaitGod39d ago

The Last Guardian (9 years)
Final Fantasy XV (10 years)
Prey (11 years)
Mother 3 (12 years)
Duke Nukem Forever (15 years)
CyberPunk (9 year)
Diablo III (11 years)

thejigisup39d ago

The problem is that the game is still in alpha. Not only is it a paid alpha there's microtransactions. The game looks great,good things can be said about the feeling of flight and exploration. This game is for 3 people, 1 people that live and breathe grindy games, and 2 people with a ton of disposable income, and 3 the outliers, the non casual gamer, the enthusiast, someone with a lot of patience. I mean starting the game now is $45 and another $20 for squadron 42. Could you get $60 worth of enjoyment out of what they start you with? Absolutely, but realizing the potential of the game requires alot of time or a lot of money, like a lot of money. Id prefer a $60.00 game with massive dlc, even if each expansion was $50 is be cool with it but all the microtransactions and as they say microupdates really hamper my view on whether this game deserves to be in alpha. I expected a very different experience by now. Here's an excerpt from their kickstarter

"The people who pledge for their spaceships will get to test-fly them long before the general public. 12 months in, we will allow the early backers to play the multiplayer space combat Alpha, and then 20-22 months in they will get to play the Star Citizen Beta, adventuring around the huge open galaxy, well before the general public. We are going to limit our alpha slots to 200,000 as we want to stress test the game with real users, but will not be ready for the full load until we have finished Beta"

It's been well more than 22 months. The beta for squadron 42 being pushed was annoying. I could go on and on about issues I have with the game but at the end of the day its a game. I stopped playing regularly a few months ago and I drop in here and there now but I always end up going back to full experiences.

CertifiedGamer39d ago

This game is taking so long that when I first saw it in 2012, I thought the graphics were out of this world. 2021, the graphics look average and by the time this game comes out which is in 2046 years we will probably be able to play it on our phones. Maybe the secret plan is to launch it when it could function on mobile phones so they could have a big number of day 1 users.

DFresh39d ago

Biggest fundraiser scam in gaming right now.