PlayStation London Studio Next Project Has "Huge Potential"

Sony’s London Studio, the devs behind VR World, Blood & Truth and more, has not announced their game in development just yet. But in a new article spotlighting the studio culture and challenges in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, Head of Operations Tara Saunders commented on the London Studio’s next project.

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Ausbo36d ago

While I’m guessing it will be a VR project, I hope it’s not. I’d like to see what this team can do on a larger project

Bennibop36d ago

Thought they already said it was not a VR title

Ausbo35d ago

Possibly. But the article doesn’t mention that

bouzebbal35d ago

The Getaway 3 please guys

Lore36d ago

Yea real confused on why Sony doesn’t take on massive projects that can compete with GTA or Final Fantasy

excaliburps36d ago

One can argue that The Last of Us, God of War, etc., are all on that same level of games...

gamesftw25035d ago

Those are well established IPs and would cost a crap ton of money to make a game like those.

Atticus_finch35d ago

HZD and Ghost are up there. But the truth is that no game really compares to the GTAV open world.

Lore35d ago

As good as God of War is, that is not a “massive” game with hundreds of hours of content

Christopher35d ago

"Why doesn't Sony spend over a billion dollars, take at least six years to develop, and hire over 1,000 developers to make a single game like GTA when they could make at least five award winning and enjoyable games with the same resources and time?"

Dirtnapstor35d ago

The Getaway needs reviving. Was a really good series. Take that ip and flesh it out to its full potential.

DOMination-35d ago

I read the other day that GTAV sold more copies in 2020 than in other year (other than the year it launched). That's insane and nobody is going to compete with it. The Getaway was several levels below the quality of GTA and there is no point in pursuing that IP. But I'm sure they are more capable than the SingStar crap they've made since so lets hope they are working on something fresh and interesting.

Kilua35d ago

Gta has got to be the most overrated franchise of all time. Gta V definitely the most overrated game

BehindTheRows35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Um, sales wise, Uncharted, Spider-Man, Last of Us, and God of War meet and exceed Final Fantasy. GTA is an anomaly and no console manufacturer has a project on that level.

Imalwaysright35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

For any studio/publisher to be able to compete with GTA or to be more precise Rockstar, it will need to have the budgets to do so. GTA 5 cost $265 million to make, $65 million more than at the time the game that had the highest budget and it was 7th generation game. RDR2 is estimated by analysts to have cost between $370 million and $540 to make and a proper 8th gen GTA would necessarily have a more complex world wich would only result in a bigger budget. With these kinds of budgets it makes almost impossible for any other studio/publisher to compete with Rockstar games because the risk would be too high.

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generic-user-name35d ago

Why not a larger VR project? They're practically Sony's only first party vr developer and they just announced psvr 2 is coming. They're needed for that.

Jay76735d ago

Sony can hire second party studios for vr games. vr is still a small market compare to normal AAA game market all Sony first party studios should be working normal ps5 games.

SullysCigar35d ago

Agreed. They're very skilled with VR and could make a killer PSVR2 launch game to make it an even more compelling purchase.

Can't wait for more news on the new VR!

Jay76736d ago

I think Sony London is working on a AAA game not a vr game the studio keep giving out hints of this.

GamerRN35d ago

My question is...

Doesn't EVERY game have huge potential?

Zhipp35d ago

Valve was able to develop a AAA VR game, i don't really see why Sony couldn't. The platform will never be taken seriously until more studios work on full fledged experiences like Half Life: Alex.

lucasnooker36d ago

Please oh please be The Getaway!!!

ScootaKuH35d ago

I think it'll be a new IP but I'd definitely be up for a new Getaway

Abnor_Mal35d ago

Maybe it will be a hybrid game in the vein of Resident Evil7, by which I mean that it will be a game that's playable inside and outside of vr.

The Getaway in first person may not work because we know the game to be third person, but a game like Eight Days could be possible, or an entirely new project. Hell, it could be a sequel to Blood and Truth non vr, just with it much grander scale and bigger budget.

moriarty188935d ago

very very interesting indeed.

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