Outriders Demo Impressions | The PlayStation Brahs

The PlayStation Brahs: “Our resident shooter looter fan StormTrance gives his thoughts on the Outriders Demo.”

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XxINFERNUSxX234d ago

Obligatory Square Enix account sorry but pass. I have Steam and not going to make a Square Enix account to play this. I wouldn't care if the game get's a 10/10 at launch, fuck that shit, we only need one account. I wonder what's next for games, maybe we need 3 or 4 accounts to play a fucking simple game, another reason I can't stand this lately and the reason why I torrent so many single player games that require so many useless accounts.

enkiduxiv233d ago

This game just feels a little off to me. I suspect that it will be another looter shooter that quickly dies off (if it even gets a player base to begin with). After Avengers and Anthem, I think the market is just tired of all this Destiny clone nonsense.