It Takes Two Day One Update Clocks in at 33GB

The It Takes Two day one update is sitting at a hefty 33GB on the PS4! So far, there's only one known change included in it.

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VerminSC39d ago

Damn! Developers need to start being held accountable for not optimizing and compressing their shit! If this game is as short as A Way Out it should not have such a massive download/ and update size.

What COD pulls is completely unacceptable.

roadkillers39d ago

The accountability starts at the player. If it is a big enough deal people won't purchase. The only alternative is for Sony/Microsoft to enforce the rules of size. How they could do that is complicated.

LucasRuinedChildhood39d ago

Look on the bright side. PS5 games are smaller due to less duplicated files.

excaliburps39d ago

Yes. This alone frees up space. PS4 requires double all the friggin' time. Yeesh.

Stanjara39d ago

Since gamers don't finish their games, we don't need collectables, active triggers support or ...this 33gb update.

Hellcat202039d ago

I only have 10GB of space left on my PS5
And that's after already deleting a few games
Now I have to delete more to make room for this game and Outriders this month then make room for Returnal next month


Can you not use an external hdd like the ps4 did?

addictedtochaos39d ago

As far as I know you can only use an external hdd for PS4 games. PS5 games have to use the internal memory.

nommers39d ago

Every time I hear about this game I keep thinking there's a typo in the article title and they meant to talk about Take Two the company.