Valve Announces End to 'Artifact' Development

Valve announced the end of Artifact development, although it will be available to play for free on Steam — and it's getting one last batch of new content.

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ZeekQuattro37d ago

Don't you people have phones the game. Lol

Fishy Fingers37d ago

Look at Back 4 Blood, it's essentially L4D3. Same devs, same formula.

Knightofelemia37d ago

B4B is on my list to grab but I want Valve to get off their ass and make a new L4D3 they gave their blessing for the fan made DLC which is great to play. I also want Valve to cough up a new Portal game.

Piggeroni37d ago

No idea why they thought this was a good idea when lots of people wanted a new Half Life and L4D. I mean they delivered on Half Life kinda with the VR game. L4D has needed a new game since 2011 tbh. Seems like the new engine just wasn't ready and they stalled too much with delays and cancellations hence the long gap before we even got anything new

Dark-soul36d ago

That kind of game is cheap and fast to make, they wanted fast money