ZoKnowsGaming: Sony debuts the Wireless Keypad for the PS3

ZKG writes "Got the email about this earlier this evening. It seems that it will be available in stores come Friday at the latest. I haven't decided if I am going to purchase this myself, don't know if it would just be more of a hassle than helpful. If you in game text message, use the PS3 to surf the web a lot with that all new and improved flash support provided by Playstation Update 2.53, or if you have Playstation Home then this might really excite you. I am not sure how excited I am about this, but hey its pretty big news I suppose. The keypad will retail for US $49.99. This product was rumored to be released earlier this year but now this is the real deal. With the release of this wireless keypad, I gotta think that a widespread release of Playstation Home is not far behind, but just wait and see."

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