Why Shovelware's Existence is Needed in the Gaming Industry

Shovelware is still important in the games industry.

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TheRealTedCruz37d ago

This article was rather dumb.
Basically it breaks down to "You may have nostalgia for shovelware games as a kid, they're cheap, and someone new to the industry can pad their portfolio with them .... so shovelware is NEEDED".

Well, you can have nostalgia for actually good games you played as a kid. Games can be had on the cheap nowadays, whether it be through the competition on PC via the sheer number of storefronts fighting for your dollar, or the fact you can order many AAA games at places like Gamestop that often go dirt cheap just a couple years after release.
As for aspiring developers trying to enter the industry, look at the sheer number of quality indie titles made on shoestring budgets.

CrimsonWing6937d ago

No, trash does not need to exist in the gaming industry.