Outriders Demo Downloaded by 2+ Million Players

The Outriders demo has been downloaded by more than 2 million players, slamming the game's servers with an unexpected amount of traffic on launch.

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kthxcrayon37d ago

I was hyped for this until I played the demo

rdgneoz337d ago

Replay any story mission (people call for this all the time like with Avengers where the endgame is meh and the story missions are actually good) and side quest as many times as you want, 14 new endgame expeditions that don't reuse assets, 49 legendary weapons and 96 legendary armor, no microtransactions or battlepass, use mods that you get from breaking down items (weapons or armor) on any other respective item - mix and match legendary mods on legendary weapons and change around the behavior of your 8 class abilities (406 mods in total), change firing types on weapons (single shot, burst, full auto for example on AR), cross play with any other system, 15 world tiers to increase difficulty and loot, cosmetics tied to gameplay and not a cash shop, no piecemeal content over months or such with a barebones launch, ...

The first chapter is devoid of color, but the trailers and gameplay of later sections show niecer environments as you work you way through. All they need to do now is just polish the game till launch to make sure there are no bugs that doom it like Anthem/Avengers/CyberPunk.

DarkZane37d ago

@rdgneoz3 I am actually pretty hyped for this. I preordered after playing the demo. Everything you said is true. Unfortunately, people are always whining even if you do everything right.

When I see someone whining about this game, all I can think is: Wow, those people have shit tastes in games. Yet they probably play their yearly recycled CoD or sport games all day and they think they can judge other games.

Ninver37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Yeah and how much do you think it will sell? Downloads of demos don't mean shiit. Actually it could deter gamers from purchasing the final product. The devs are brave I'll give them that.

TheRealTedCruz37d ago

The demo seems to be garnering a fair bit more positive reactions than negative, so I'd have to assume that, if nothing else, it isn't going to hurt sales.

Axecution37d ago

You think? Idk man I've seen the vast majority of comments and YouTube vids and live streams ripping the game for being a brainless and incredibly simple looter shooter

I'm gonna give it a try. Just waiting for my buddy to have a day off so we can play lol.
It definitely doesn't look great though

DJStotty36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


This is the 1st time in a lonnnnnggg time, a developer is being so open about their game. Some will call it "brave" i call it confidence in the product they are creating.

The demo is there permanent, they already have 2 million plus players giving them feedback, after playing the demo for several hours, it has done quite the opposite as deter me, it has reinforced my decision to pre-order this game, and i can not wait till launch.

Ninver36d ago

Fair play I guess. I hope it sells well. Not really my cup of tea but we all have our preferences.

gleepot37d ago

and quickly uninstalled by 2 million

TheRealTedCruz37d ago

It's been a week, and it's still averaging 10k concurrent players on Steam, with a peak between 30 and 40k, depending on the time.

That's.... really big numbers for a demo.

DarkZane36d ago

Most games never get that much concurrent players, so the fact that a demo is doing it is pretty huge. If those players are still playing, it's because you can farm legendaries from quests. Trust me they want to come back for the full release, since everything carries over.

Darkborn37d ago

I literally Uninstalled it and bought destinys beyond light expansion instead.

gums00736d ago

what a terrible trade-off

waverider36d ago

Not really. One looks last gen and another next gen. Its night and day in term of performance, graphics, animation, sound, handling, cutscenes, lipsync, Outriders looks like a poor version of gears with huge problems on the cover system, That doesnt work everytime, with enemies that appear out, like ninjas... wait where did they come from?

Darkborn36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

What waverider said. And I was literally waiting for outriders super hyped because I wanted a game like this again. I completely hated destiny 2 after their terrible launch and first few dlcs coming out of destiny 1 at a high point. But here we are, years in and no one can compete. The division 1 was also better than 2. Now destiny 2 is actually pretty decent after years of fixes and balances. Outriders is gonna take a while.

Edit* if I had an Xbox, I could have played 360 games with BC that were better than outriders. That's how bad my experience was. More bugs than a Bethesda game and just boring and uninspiring. Bad textures, horrible lip sync like were back a few gens ago again.

XxSPIDEYxX37d ago

Reminded me a lot of Mass Effect Andromeda. Just add the looter shooter elements and voila!

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