Aliens: Fireteam - Exclusive 25 Minutes of Gameplay - IGN First

IGN: "We've got the first-ever gameplay of Aliens: Fireteam, the just-announced three-player co-op third-person shooter set in the Aliens universe. This is 25 minutes of early mission gameplay that cuts back and forth between the perspectives of developers Craig Zinkievich (CEO, Cold Iron Studios) Matt Highison (CCO, Cold Iron Studios) and IGN's Ryan McCaffrey."

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Jericho133738d ago

Not quite the game I was hoping for after the reveal trailer - would’ve preferred more a atmospheric slow burner. I’m sure it’ll do ok though.

Sonic-and-Crash38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

looks promising ...has some good elements like the well made gunplay...but needs a bit better animations/physics /weight ...the characters walk stiff like robots and are handling theweapons like they have no weight

DaveZero37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

They are colonial marines, an average human would have difficulty with the weight, these are bad ass marines who have no problem with that, they didnt in the films they handled there kit with ease through years of training, just not the aliens unless your name is Ripley..

Vanfernal37d ago

I think it's all in the name. If you remember the first movie Alien (singular) is more atmospheric and suspense, hence Alien: Isolation. Aliens the sequel is much more action oriented. Hence Fireteam is called Aliens (plural). I think this was deliberate.

Dirty_Lemons37d ago

Have a like for your logic, sir.

Jericho133737d ago

Good point, but even colonial marines had its suspenseful moments (like the mission you had no weapons). I don’t blame them for making a game like this, it’s just a shame that isolation didn’t fare well commercially because it’s one of my favourite survival horror games.

CrimsonWing6938d ago

I'd be interested in this if there was an actual narrative and unique alien bosses.

I have a feeling that what you see is pretty much the game...

I could be wrong though and I hope I am.

DaveZero37d ago

I have a feeling that at the end of each campaign that there will be bosses.

Kurt Russell37d ago

It looks very akin to World War Z rather than L4D. World War Z has ended up a lot of fun, but I felt it was a slow start. Narrative elements were pretty loose... just there to enforce the environment you are in.

CrimsonWing6937d ago

That’s actually a good point. I never played WWZ but it does seem like that’s a better accurate description.

It’s just in the video the IGN editor described the game as L4D but with Aliens.

-Foxtrot38d ago

This has got "lacking in content but we promise to give you free updates as time goes on" written all over it.

RaidenBlack38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

The unwanted norm nowadays ...

DaveZero37d ago

Yeah 4 campaigns is hardly much content to begin with but at least theres that replayabilty and one can only hope the devs are quick to release new playable content.

CaptainHenry91637d ago (Edited 37d ago )

This game should be under 20 bucks since it will have Microtransactions

Einhander197137d ago

Personally would love Naughty dog to something sci fi. Some new single player space adventure game on the lines of the alien franchise. That would be amazing.

ManMarmalade37d ago

Oh my god yes. Or something similar to dead space.

STARS37d ago

The Callisto Protocol is coming next year for that Dead Space itch. Glen Schofield, the former Visceral studio head, is directing the project. Has the potential to be really good.

Ninver37d ago

They could also make a action horror game like Dead Space with a great story. I'd be all over that.

SenorFartCushion37d ago

Is this more WWZ or more Predator: Hunting Grounds?

SenorFartCushion37d ago

Thank you. I hope it has the offline single player-type portion of the game.

DaveZero37d ago

I liked WWZ, never finished it to be fair but it was a heck of a frantic zombie blaster.

SenorFartCushion37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

It felt like an older ps3 game, and I played as much solo as I did offline. It felt polished and the controls were really snappy. I was surprised considering the dev.

They have Evil Dead next and I can’t wait for that.

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