PS5 Sells Over 200,000, XSX|S Over 100,000 - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Feb 14-20

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 347,150 units sold for the week ending February 20, according to VGChartz estimates. The Switch has now sold an estimated 79.79 million units lifetime.

The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 211,668 units to bring its lifetime sales to 5.62 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 103,430 units to bring their lifetime sales to 3.73 million units.

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waverider37d ago

Amazing even with all the covid problems in production going 200k+ a week is great.

darthv7237d ago

I ordered my SS from Gamestop on Feb 25th so I will be part of the next round of estimates (21-27). I still won't get it until the 11th though so this time next week I will finally have a toe in the 9th gen.

phoenixwing37d ago

I hope you enjoy your purchase darth. everyone disagreeing with you must be a sad individual. It's a pandemic and affording any kind of new console is a luxury

Teflon0237d ago

Nice seeing ppl actually getting their next gen consoles for once. With all the crying about resellers (understand able of course) it's nice to see something positive

SullysCigar36d ago

It does seem there was actually some kind of availability for a brief window, which is great, but many are still missing out, sadly.

@phoenixwing, I can't disagree with your sentiments, but fwiw darth has just about every version of every console and controller (even SEs!) ever made - he's a prolific collector!

Yui_Suzumiya36d ago

That's awesome.. hell, you can barely get a PS4 right now much less a PS5. Seeing PS4's sold for upwards of $600 is ridiculous, lol

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MaximusPrime_37d ago

Got mine during that week. PS5 is awesome. Today my work colleague told me that he finally got PS5 after numerous attempts

Neonridr37d ago

it's crazy how hard it's been for people to get. I lucked out in Canada and just happened to be paying attention when the initial preorders went live. So I had no troubles getting mine on day one. I feel for those who just can't compete with the bots / scalpers.

EasilyTheBest37d ago

Been trying to get an Xbox Series X every day since release date, its ridiculous. The scalpers prices have come right down but I refuse to buy from them even it they start selling at the same price.
I will get one eventually I'm sure.
UK by the way..

Teflon0237d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I completely lucked out with my PS5 it seems in Canada too. I was sleeping when it started. My cousin called after he got his preorder through and then I got up like I'll just go in stores tmrw and preorder. Man said do one online just in case and if I get both, just ask who didn't get a preorder in and switch the preorder info to them so they can get.
After he nagged for 30 mins I tried, was sold out where he bought and then I went EBGames site and kept trying for 30 mins and the order eventually got through after taking a food break and trying one last time lol

Nothing but respect for holding out. It should hopefully gets alot better for Series and PS soon enough

Neonridr37d ago

@EasilyTheBest - I wish you the best, hopefully you get one sooner rather than later.

@Teflon02 - yeah I follow a couple of people on twitter (lbabinz has been great for me) and so I was basically alerted as soon as stock went live, so it was rather stress free. Glad you were able to grab one too.

S2Killinit36d ago

Best way to beat it is to set an alert on twitter. As soon as they (ex. Gamestop) announces they are taking orders, show up stand in line for a 15-30 minutes and place your order.

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rdgneoz337d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Was able to finally order one today with all the Walmart drops every 10 minutes since 3 pm est. Tip: If you can add it to cart, save it for later for the next wave. Then spam adding it from your saved list once that wave drops and order fast. Easier to add from your saved list than it is from the "add to cart" from the main page apparently.

Highlife37d ago

Finally got it today too at Walmart of all places got it on the 3rd drop from the saved list.

DaReapa37d ago

I lucked out in the first hour and a half, and eventually gave up. It's ridiculous trying to get a hold of one.

Kurt Russell36d ago

I am still chasing for one. UK had some stock drops this week. but no luck for me... just stuck in long online shopping queues. It'll get easier over time :)

Yui_Suzumiya36d ago

I can't even find a PS4 right now, lol

Knushwood Butt36d ago

I'm going to sell a Pro from Japan if you are interested.

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Father__Merrin37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

In the UK getting a ps5 is razer thin on the ground. You will get an alert for a console in stock and before you even complete checkout its gone. Similar with series x and s this is the worst launch I can think of.

Scalper price for series x is around £550 ish whilst ps5 is £600 to £700, series s scalper price roughly £300.

You might think in the UK series x and s may now be easier but no its still too difficult.

Kurisu37d ago

I managed to secure a Series S for launch day as I woke up early and managed to check out early with Argos. I can't wait to get a PS5, it is my birthday in May so hoping they'll be more widely available for the launch of Resident Evil Village. That's my time and I'm so excited.

DJStotty36d ago

Argos were my saving grace too, minutes of constant F5 along with the slow site pace, i still managed to secure a Series X Day 1.

Game UK website was a joke when preorders went live.

Phoenix7637d ago

Got my ps5 from argos back on the 17th. I only got lucky because I work nights and that's when argos do their drops (2am-3am)

Teflon0237d ago

My phone get notifications for when stocks drop and I kid you not. By the time you see the notification, in brackets it says now sold out. It's actually so bad lol. this one guy on Twitter is really helpful. His name is something like lbbinz or something. Not sure where else he does for but I know they know about secret drops and got links ready, stock counts ready etc.

thecodingart36d ago

The PS3 was impossible to get for 6 months or so. That, to me, paired with the pricing was the worst console launch in recent memory.

wwinterj36d ago

I had no issue buying a PS3. I actually went into Gamestation at the time and just bought it. Granted I did pre order the console. Still some guy just turned up and bought one too as they had plenty of stock. With everything online due to COVID this launch is for sure worse.

thecodingart36d ago

The Wii and PS3 were still the absolute worst in my memory.

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anast37d ago

Is that both units SX and SS?

RgR37d ago

The series sales are combined. Which in my opinion isn't very sensible since the 2 machines are vastly different.

NotoriousWhiz36d ago

But they play the same games.

RgR36d ago

@why not add gaming pc sales to that as well then?

They play the same games.

Or at this point in time add all xbox consoles into that pile since they all currently play the same games no?

smashman9836d ago

Microsoft doesn't really sell PC's otherwise I'm sure they would

NotoriousWhiz36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

@Rgr, had no idea I could play starcraft ghosts on an Xbox series console. News to me.

Fact is PC has games that Xbox doesn't. (Not to mention the whole not a console thing)

And believe it or not, Xbox also has games that aren't on PC. They're just not 1st party games.

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CrimsonWing6937d ago

How much of that is scalper bought?

smashman9836d ago

probably 2/3rds. It doesn't matter though when you consider that these companies pocket that money either way. Not only that scalpers are (unfortunately) selling their stock with little to no issue.

CrimsonWing6936d ago (Edited 36d ago )

But it does matter. Consoles are sold at a loss and they make it up with software and accessory sales.

If scalpers are just sitting on 2/3 of the console sales then What’s happening with software and accessory sales? At some point this is going to bite them in the ass.