Black Desert Online Free On Steam Until March 10

Claim your free, permanent copy of Black Desert Online before the promotion ends next week.

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Kerppamaister63d ago

Isn't it free to play pay to win game anyway?

GameBoyColor63d ago

Its pay2play and pay2win actually

Kerppamaister63d ago

Ok, cool. Have you played it? Is it any good?

cartoonx163d ago

its a good game if you just want to enjoy playing single player with great combat and exploration like 1-2 hours a day.
otherwise its a grind fest and not worth playing competitively if you care about your well being.

GameBoyColor63d ago

i have played it and it's just alright. Graphics are good, character editing is fantastic. Gameplay is basically mmo dynasty warriors, and content is the afk farming type with timers on basically everything. All classes are gender locked too if that isnt your thing.

Kerppamaister63d ago

I don't know what that means. Preselected for each class?

NeedleEye63d ago

Does this game still come with a spyware that remains on your pc even if you uninstall the game?

njitram200062d ago

It's a Korean game, not Chinese. No communist spying government there.

NeedleEye62d ago

Still, I prefer to not have anything left hogging my system once I uninstall the game. And the removal process was not really straightforward.


Grind fest more like it. You want a MMO with no monthly fees and not a grind fest plus free to start and you can buy it at anytime. It's Guild Wars 2