PS5 and Xbox Series sold 800,000 consoles in the UK last year

Nintendo Switch did 1.5 million

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neomahi48d ago

Scalping really isnt helping, major problem that needs to be dealt with, NOW! Sony needs to get to work, and they need to, honestly, replace Jim Ryan. What a poor CEO, he lacks vision and an aggressive nature, he just coasts along like, how the ol red coats call it "holiday", and its like he just sits around an collects a paycheck. He thought it was just Japan at first, but now consumers are responding in like manner "That was yesterday, Jim, what have you done for me today?"

CrimsonWing6948d ago

Wait, so Jimbo didn’t acknowledge that there’s a scalping problem in the west? Unbelievable. I was trying to help get a friend a PS5 yesterday from Orders went live at 3:00pm EST time I was on fiber internet. Clicked add to cart, got an error, hit “try again” got a message that it was out of stock. This was less than a minute, it literally wasn’t even 3:01pm EST.

Had to wait until 3:10pm EST for the next batch. This time I went on a forum and people said to use a direct add to cart link. Waited till 3:10pm EST and tried the link got a message saying I was in line due to high traffic and to please wait. It took about 3 minutes and in my cart it said out of stock.

So, yea, we got a pretty big problem. How many months has it been that people have been struggling against this? Like how much longer is this going to be like this until they add 2FA or captcha or a queue system?

InUrFoxHole48d ago

Not me. After that pre order fiasco. If you want my $$$ then supply the product. "We're survivalist turned to consumers".

Mr Pumblechook48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Deliberately misleading headline because it makes you think that both consoles sold 800,000. You have to read it to gain the full context. It is another stain on Christopher Dring's integrity.

FUBAR0948d ago

This exactly ! I hope investors love seeing the scalpers make double the profits Sony is making. Also I would love to see the attachment rate for the console. No way accessories and games are at a high ratio. Good job Sony. Keep up the good work here in the USA. 🏳️

DaReapa48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Yep, I had the exact same experience. Also on a fiber connection.

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Stanjara48d ago

Actually he is aggressive... Puting first party titles to PC, censoring content, removing Japan studios, messed up PS store, raised prices of games...wonderful stuff.
GTFO Jimbo

S2Killinit48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Are you in the wrong article? There is nothing like that in the article. Jim Ryan character assassination seems to be the latest attempt to get at Sony? I mean if you cant find anything to complain about, find someone people dont know much about and say whatever you like I guess. Are you guys implying that scalping is only happening on Sony’s side?

Yes scalping is a problem, but perhaps there is more to it. Has anyone here even considered whether the manufacturer has any power to change the way supply chains all the way down to consumers even have the sort of power to stop scalping? They would literally need to police everyone until it reaches consumers.

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JokerBoy12948d ago

And how many of these have been activated by users versus collecting dust in a scalpers basement?

DaReapa48d ago

The problem is that they are actually NOT all collecting dust in a scalper's basement. Which is why we are all aggravated by this.

JokerBoy12948d ago

Not all but a massive chunk. You can tell because Sony and Microsoft both have numbers of how many consoles have sold and they know how many have been activated. Both companies are oddly silent about their massive launch successes when in the past they've always celebrated it. The activation numbers are lower than they want people to know and thats why theyve stayed quiet.

DaReapa48d ago

@Joker's second post

Neither of the major manufacturers were prepared for this. I'm having just as hard a time trying to get a hold of an RTX 3080 as I am a PS5.

OptimusDK48d ago

I can only say people are idiots. You should at least wait for the next Gen Nintendo.

sparced48d ago

Unless you want first party single player games Switch is utter garbage. Over Christmas I tried opening my Realm on it and was shocked it couldn't run Minecraft properly, freezes when you open your inventory which is a pretty essential component of the game. Online games are unplayable, I wish I could get a refund for Rocket League because the controls and piss poor Wi-Fi when feet away from Router means you may as when be throwing coins at your dog.

philm8748d ago

Thankfully 3 of the PS5's were mine.

philm8748d ago

To clarify, the spare two went to my mates

Father__Merrin48d ago

Jim Ryan needs to be beaten with slippers. He's crap, Someone like Jack Tretton needs to be brought in. He's damaging the brand and has led a poor launch and hasn't done anything about scalpers. Famines up and down the country want a ps5 and they can't because Sony has no fail safe to deter scalping.

If you read the comments within Hotstock UK app it's clear some people have been trying for months to purchase for family members.

Can you not register a console to your psn account before they ship out etc? There must be something they can do

philm8748d ago

Sony wouldn't have known there was going to be a scalping problem, just like nobody else did, so nobody had a chance to put anything in place. It's not really Sony's responsibility to implement anything against scalpers, and it's practically impossible for them to roll anything out to the thousands of retailers worldwide that are selling PS5's. It would take a very long time to get anything in place to stop scalpers, hopefully some individual retailers are putting things in place in their systems to stop this moving forward.

Good idea regarding registering your psn account prior to shipping, but still has it's issues. One being this would require people new to Playstation to create an id before even buying the console (although presumably this isn't too hard if you want one that much). There may be a flood of fake psn id's created by scalpers. Sony would have to open up it's database of psn ID's to every single retailer, and have some way for them to cross reference it to make sure each ID can't order more than one.