Ghostbusters Moves To Atari Gets "More Creepy"

Well, if you're a fan of the movie, like me, you may already know that Ghostbusters is more about jokes then scares, but there also was a creepy side to it. I mean that's what made Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters. And what should make the game any different?

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bgrundman3699d ago

I loved the movies, so I am hoping this isn't a repeat of the awful NES game.

Heldrasil3699d ago

What about the one for the Sega wasn;t too bad...better than the NES...

lordgodalming3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Ghostbusters was my favorite movie for a solid seven years when I was a kid. I'll definitely be picking this one up, if only to support the developers and Atari for taking a risk on an older franchise.

@1.1 You should go watch the Angry Video Game Nerd's three Ghostbusters game reviews. He also mentions the Genesis title as the best one. Hilarious stuff, as long as you don't mind a LOT of swearing.

Jimmy the Greek3699d ago

i loved the movies. even to this day they creep me out just a little bit

GCO Gamer3699d ago

that also plus it is very funny.

JimmyJames703699d ago

I might have to rent the movie and see it again. Anyone know if it's on The Instant que?

Jimmy the Greek3699d ago

the first one is available on hulu

ThatArtGuy3699d ago


coolfool3699d ago

there is a blu-ray version out next year for the anniversary.

coolfool3699d ago

else read that the 3rd movie is in talks to be made? And that is why the name of the game changed from Ghostbusters III to Ghostbusters the video game?

pixelsword3699d ago

...GB3 was never going to be, but only in Videogame form... but if you heard of a movie, then I understand why they would remove 3 from the game title.

coolfool3699d ago

Well, there is a small article about it in the latest Empire magazine. I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything else?