iZ3D 22" Stereoscopic Monitor Price Drops to $400

GameCyte is reporting that iZ3D has slashed a full $200 off the price of their flagship 22" monitor, putting 3D video technology at only $400 for high-end PC users. According to iZ3D, this monitor makes an ideal display for FPS and RPG players, allowing them to realize their favorite games in full 3D.

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GameCyteSean3700d ago

*A 26-inch version is on the way
*Some complain that the iZ3D suffers from ghosting, and this is a hardware concern
*Even cheaper deals can be had at Provantage/ if you're willing to trust them with your money

ahnonamis3700d ago

A 26" version may be coming, but I doubt it's going to be nearly as "low" priced as this one is now.