The Extremely Generous Outriders Demo Is Going Down Well

The demo for Outriders is surprisingly huge, and players are responding very well to how much there is to play.

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TheRealTedCruz37d ago

I've seen more positive press than negative, even if some elements of the game are pretty played out and by the numbers.
I'll probably grab it once it hits the $20 - 30 range.

metalhead36d ago

Cutscenes are required to jump gaps. That alone makes me wanna wait a while to pick it up.

RaidenBlack36d ago

It won't be fixed anytime, soon. It's done deliberately due to online scenarios.

Flewid63830d ago

Thats actually what Im looking the most fwd to. Game gives me a reason to actually give a shit about the world-building, lore & characters.

philm8735d ago

Good idea, I think a lot of people will get into it if they spend a decent amount of time on it. I didn't think it was for me after half an hour or so, but the more I play it the more I enjoy it.