Do We Need to Rethink Video Game Genres?

Kombo writes: "We started planning our Best & Worst of 2008 Awards this week, and as I've been gathering lists of nominees and categories, I've been noticing just how difficult it has become to define some games in terms of a single genre. This isn't something new, as over the years, I've found that it's becoming increasingly difficult to do so. But this year, it seems even tougher."

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theusedfake3694d ago

because she wants to be like Plaxico Burress, lol
i had to ;)

ElementX3694d ago


(For you Loot-Ninja fans)


I enjoy FPS', and i wasn't impressed with mirrors edge.

I would much rather have a solid shooter with GREAT graphics like killzone 2, rather than a clunky new EA IP

PS3Freak3694d ago

Mirrors edge pissed me off. On one hand i was running around jumping off walls and doing crazy jumps and such, and boy did i ever enjoy the game. As soon as a gun was introduced though, the game fell flat on its face. The shooting is terrible. You can only zoom in with the sniper rifle, if you get shot you start shooting upwards, and every gun has barely any ammo and can't be reloaded. I hope they get rid of the guns and anything related to guns in the next 2 mirrors edge games(rumoured to be a trilogy).

Highatus3694d ago

Personally i enjoy ME,It's a break from your run-o-the-mill FPS.
It's challenging and intuitive, which is also seemingly rare nowadays, while frustrating at times thats where the gratification and payoff is felt most, especially when your able to pull the parkour element off seemlessly.

As for the gun element, it's discouraged to use it to begin with and is mostly unnecessary most of the time(i think only 2 levels require it) even then use slow time, disarm. it works way better than using a gun anyway. I didn't shoot anyone through my first playthrough, and the only time i was forced was on a couple speed runs.

Genre's don't really define a game wholly i don't think and nowadays where innovation is being used as a selling point i think slapping a specific genre title is slipping away as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.