Nintendo Switch has been out for four years and still hasn’t seen a price cut

Nintendo Switch launched exactly four years ago today. The console-handheld hybrid has been a huge success – so much so that it still hasn’t seen a price cut.

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Bigman4k41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Yeah and you'll never see a price cut for Nintendo Switch unless there's a Nintendo Switch 2/PRO even the WIIU only got a $50 price cut

franwex41d ago

That’s right. Even when the Wiiu was selling like crap, there was a very minimal price cut. The Switch being constantly sold out for 4 years will not go down.

Fluttershy7741d ago

Well the problem with the Wiiu wasn't the price, so

badz14941d ago

What are you guys talking about. The Lite was the price cut and A BIG ONE for that too

CorndogBurglar41d ago

I hope you're being sarcastic....

phoenixwing41d ago

sounds like nintendo fanboy logic.

badz14941d ago

what is there to be sarcastic about? both the Switch models are counted together in sales report and they play like 99% the same copies of games. so basically the Lite is indeed the price cut Switch.

adamwparker41d ago

The Lite is smaller and comes with less hardware. It is NOT a price cut. It is less product for less price.

waderae40d ago

ignore the downvotes badz149 i know what you mean, the releasing of a lower spec unit always results in inflated price or holds the price high on the upper end model, we wont see much of a price drop on either new next gen consoles either for this reason.

Look at last 2 black fridays and you will see the vast majority of switch deals being for the LITE and xbox deals for the Xbox 1s digital and sony deals for ps4 standard. hardly anything on upper tier system.

Nitrox40d ago

So, by that logic, Series S and PS5 digital are considered price cuts Right out the gate too? Sounds like quite a reach...

King_Noctis40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Using that logic, then weren’t the PS4 Pro and XBox One X got increased in price?

badz14940d ago


what logic were you talking about? the Pro launched at $399 same as the PS4 and the PS4 got the price cut with the Slim that launched at $299.

agreed with the OneX though. that was xbone getting its price jacked up.

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ActualWhiteMan41d ago

Not a price cut for when it is an inferior product with missing accessories.

Knightofelemia41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

It's Nintendo they never drop the price on their systems or games only time they drop the price is if they create a machine that they cheap out on like that red and black happy meal looking Wii. That thing was dummied down a lot just to get it to a cheap price no wifi, no Gamecube feature no memory card slots, I think it had an SD slot like the older Wii but I forget. Nintendo seem to think they are the Disney of the video game world and their stuff when the price does drop it's not by much and it's rare to see.

ZeekQuattro41d ago

The 3DS saw a substantial price cut a few months into release and that was before new models came out. The deluxe Wii U also dropped in price when they stopped producing the standard Wii U.

Highrevz41d ago

Iirc it wasn’t even months, still have my Ambassador 3DS. It was a nice compromise but damn that thing was over priced at launch.

ScootaKuH41d ago

Yeh but the 3DS had a very slow start so the price drop was to increase sales. Same goes for the Wii U.

The Switch, on the other hand, hit the ground running and hasn't really slowed since, so why drop the price when you don't need to?

FallenAngel198441d ago

“It's Nintendo they never drop the price on their systems”

Except Nintendo always drops the price of their systems except for Switch

They also dropped the prices of their games with the Player’s Choice label

With the Switch era Nintendo is just acting all sorts of scummy with their pricing

Tiqila40d ago

I don't think it's scummy. High demand = high price. Some one from Apple once said, they are setting the price as high as it needs to be so they can manufacture enough units to meet demand. I think Nintendo does the same.

FallenAngel198440d ago

DS was just as high in demand yet it still had a price cut

Same thing happened with PS2

Tiqila40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

They will have their analysts that try to predict the demand. Currently they seem to be confident to keep selling fine without reducing the price.

I don't know what were the reasons for DS or PS2 price reduction, but they would not have reduced the price if it didn't increase their profits. On the other hand, everyone knows why they decreased the price of the PS3 back in the day ;)

Also, the switch does not have competition. It's the only handheld/home console hybrid. And the only real handheld gaming device. So maybe that's the reason.

FallenAngel198440d ago

Nintendo doesn’t need to predict demand to overprice their games and accessories these days. Even when a game like Star Fox Zero flops they’ll still sell it for full price as long as possible. Meanwhile GTAV is among the best selling games of all times yet it’s had its price reduced to $30. Nintendo rarely even discounts their games in the $10-$30 range like various other successful games do.

The reason they dropped the price was to entice more consumers. It’s the reason anyone ever drops the price on anything. Same with PS3 and the same for every other system in existence. Even Wii & PS4 had price cuts. Idk why you’re behaving like this is a foreign concept like it’s never happened before.

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Knushwood Butt41d ago

They should increase the price to be inline with their ever increasing quality tax.

Automatic7941d ago

I think the Nintendo Switch Lite was Nintendo's way of informally introducing a price cut.

CorndogBurglar41d ago

Its not a price cut when its a different system missing a lot of what the other system can do...

nachokingp41d ago

It's not missing "a lot of what the other system can do", it's missing dock mode. It's a handheld only console, and many people ONLY play their Switch in handheld mode. For some people it IS a price cut. If it's not for you, that's fine too.

Automatic7940d ago


I never said it was a price cut. Also, it's a handheld, it was introduced as such. I don't see why you would think otherwise by commenting "missing a lot of what other system can do".

TheRealTedCruz41d ago

Isn't that business 101? If people are consistently buying your product, there's no reason for you to lower your pricing?

RazzerRedux41d ago

Yep. Supply and demand. You could make the case the price should actually be higher. Same for PS5 and XSX

DragonWarrior1941d ago

Exactly, PS4 never had a price cut and you didn't see anyone complaining.

JackBNimble41d ago

Really, 4 years after launch ps4 hadn't had a price cut?
You don't know what you're talking about.

nachokingp41d ago

Yes it did. PS4 Slim is $299 and even the Pro can be gotten for less than the original MSRP for PS4.