Nintendo Announced Skyward Sword HD. What’s Next?

TechRaptor writes, "What could Nintendo have in store for a Legend of Zelda 3D Collection? We take a look at what a Zelda 3D collection could (and should) look like."

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FallenAngel198437d ago

I’m just sick of it being standalone $60. If it were a collection of Zelda titles at $60 then I’d be mildly interested

NecrumOddBoy37d ago

This really could have been WW/TP/SS bundled.

GoodGuy0937d ago

I just want tp and ww. Oot 3d and mm 3d wouldve been killer too making up a 3d collection. But its nintendo...

Knightofelemia37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I still wish it was part of a bloody three game collection like Mario 3D Allstars I mean it's Zelda fans have been enjoying the bloody franchise since the NES days. I am still stoked for Skyward Sword because I have not played it but to me Nintendo is half assing their franchises anniversaries. I still want Twilight Princess for the Switch hate to see how Nintendo will handle the Metroid and Star Fox anniversaries.

Double_O_Revan37d ago

The 'what' & 'what' anniversaries? Nintendo don't know what those franchises are.

Inverno37d ago

I'm just disappointed they did nothing for the Zelda anniversary.