The Sinking City Developer Frogwares DMCAs Its Own Game On Steam

The Sinking City developer Frogwares has issued a DMCA takedown notice against the game on Steam, as part of a long legal battle with publisher Nacon.

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42d ago
sourOG41d ago

Yeah I knew that frogwares article sounded way too unsure lol. And this move was just way too crazy to not have an explanation. No serious publisher would do that lol.

“ For its part, Nacon says it has already paid "more than 10 million euros" to Frogwares for the rights to publish The Sinking City. The company accuses Frogwares of "[playing] the victim" and says it wants the developer to "respect its commitments", in respect to the contract between the two companies and in respect to court judgments.”

Frogwares is talking shit but I think they might lose this one unfortunately. I think they know this and are trying to move on, they are just saying don’t buy that version. I looked on my PS4 and I have the nacon sinking city. I bought it day one. Which sucks because I want the ps5 version lol.

mkis00741d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Nacon has already lost 2 courts cases. 3rd one is coming up.

Im not sure why i care. Maybe its the smarmyness of the big guy trying to crush the little guy.

sourOG41d ago

Why does nacon say “in respect to the courts judgements” like they had a favorable ruling lol? What were the judgements do you have a link? I don’t know what the they are, I just know that my copy is nacon and they are the legitimate publisher.

mkis00740d ago (Edited 40d ago )

So far all I know is that 2 courts have said Nacon isn't entitled to publish the steam version. 3rd appeal coming up? I'm taking Froggs word for it though, so they could be lying.

sourOG40d ago

They are probably both full of shit lol. You can’t trust the shit talk of a plaintiff or defendant most of the time. That’s why I asked if you saw the rulings. It sounds like it was just a hold that ran out in Jan so NaCON put it back up. That’s what I see from a glimpse.