10 Rules Non-Gaming Parents Should Follow When Buying Games for Their Kids

To help make better decisions in game purchasing situations. Moms, dads: Follow these no-bullshit rules, and your holidays are guaranteed to be just a little bit brighter this year.

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thebudgetgamer3699d ago

if it has an m for mature dont buy it for little timmy


Yi-Long3699d ago

.... already be 'gamers', and thus KNOW what games to buy and what games to avoid like the plague!?

Anyway, I honestly cant believe some of the crap people will buy, either for themselfs or for their family/kids. You occasionally overhear a customer asking for a certain title, and you just cant help but groan. You kinda want to HELP them, but another part of you just thinks :"Hey, they didnt care enough to do a LITTLE research, so why should I care!?".

Just 2 weeks ago I heard a woman asking for the new Need for Speed, cause her boufriend/husband 'always likes NFS', and she had seen the commercial for the new game on TV. She'll be single in January.

Seriously, if you cant invest 30 minutes online to check which games are worth buying, and which arent, you are unfit as a parent! When I buy someone a gift I wanna make sure it's worth it. That it's a quality game. That the person who receives it will enjoy it. How come there are parents who can't even make that little effort when it comes to buying their kids something nice!?