Switch Pro Controller Permanently Discounted on Amazon

It appears that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has gotten a permanent price drop on the giant shopping site, But will this price drop apply across the board? We will have to wait and see.

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Dirty_Lemons41d ago

Thanks buddy, much better than scrolling for that one part of information :)

Magog40d ago

Awful price considering how basic the functionality is.

zacfoldor40d ago

I disagree. The thing has incredible battery life, hd rumble, and doesn't it also have all the gyros, pointer, and motion controls built in as well? I don't know how much it should cost, but I do believe this: my Switch would not be nearly as good a console without the pro controller, imo.

What functionality is missing, exactly, that say the Xbox One controller has? I'm actually curious.

Zeldafan6440d ago

The xbox controller makes you change the batteries. Maybe that's why he/she is upset. They want to have to change the batteries in the Switch pro controller.

Magog40d ago

No TouchPad, no adaptive triggers, no headphone jack, etc.

Fluttershy7740d ago

@Zeldafan64 hahahaha yeah that must be it

iplay1up240d ago

The Xbox One controllers don't even have a Share button! I have the Series X, and that does have a share button. Also, my Switch Pro-controller has 2 extra buttons you can map

Seraphim39d ago

that battery life though. I played Xenoblade Definitive 3 of the past 4 weeks and I could play that game for like 4-5 nights [full shifts+] before a battery warning popped or I just charged it anyway.

Personally I've always felt it should have been and be $60 from the jump. The only difference between these and other consoles I think is the Amiibo reader. Obviously now you could also compare it to the new PS controller but retail is $70 one those for haptic... which, for the record, I also think is excessive but accessories and services are where console manufacturers make their money; not on hardware.

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myfathersbastard40d ago

Judging from your comment history I’d guess you don’t even have a switch. And also you don’t like ANYTHING so I mean, why shit on stuff for no reason?

The controllers battery is top of the game for the big 3 controllers. I usually charge it because I have a hard time believing it’s still that full.
And only the PS controllers have a touch pad. So it’s not like that’s standard functionality. Lastly it’s a 4 year old controller. No one was doing adaptive triggers at that time.
It really sounds like you just want to shit on Nintendo.

Aghashie40d ago

I paid $80 for the Switch pro controller at launch and remember feeling ripped off when realizing how basic the controller is when compared to the Xbox One and PS4 controllers, wich only cost $60 at regular price.

Damn. It doesn't even have a headphone jack.

StoneyYoshi40d ago

Thank goodness I bought it on sale 2 weeks ago for the same price. I would have been pissed since I've been holding off on gettin it for over 2 years hoping for a price drop like the joycons.

rpgenius42040d ago (Edited 40d ago )

It's been at this price in walmart for at least a year or more.

Jeriphro40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

No, it hasn't. Check Walmart's site. It is still $65.00 or higher, depending on the location.

Zeldafan6436d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I'm not going to check Walmart's site but in store in my area it's been $59.00 for well over a year.