PSN Store Sale "Games Under $15" Launches, Here Are the Titles (US)

Sony has also launched the PSN Store sale "Games Under $15" deals today! Here are the full list of discounted titles available.

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42d ago Replies(2)
DVAcme42d ago

Dying Light: The Following and Dragon's Dogma are both fucking great for that price

Deathdeliverer41d ago

Deception NEVER goes on sale. It’s years old for gods sake! Come on!

beanplant41d ago

There's always that one game that almost never goes on sale

Deathdeliverer41d ago

I refuse to pay full price for that game and I check every sale for it. It’s unbelievable.

monkey60241d ago

For me that is Pyre. It hasn't been on a sale in such a long time.

I dont think Inner Friend has ever dropped price here either.

Abnor_Mal41d ago

With all the different sales Sony has going on at once , when was the last time they had an actual Flash Sale. Seems to have been a few years as I can't recall thr last one.