Sifu Was The Best Thing At Sony's State of Play

Devin Rardrin: Sloclap’s authentic Kung Fu brawler Sifu cemented itself as the best announcement of an otherwise lackluster showcase.

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Terry_B37d ago

Hopefully its not just Absolver 2 with a different look. That one was rather mediocre.

VerminSC36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I don’t understand the downvotes. I said it was mediocre and got the same thing. That game was universally accepted as a mediocre game.

People downvoting, did you even PLAY obsolver?? It has a 5.4 from users on metacritic

Terry_B36d ago

Yeah..I think the people that downvoted did not even play Absolver. And what I saw in the sifu trailer looked a lot like Absolver just without masks and just comes with a more modern / urban setting.

isarai36d ago

It has quite the cult following in its PVP, and has one of the deepest combat systems out there. Those cult fans are who's disagreeing with you.

37d ago
VerminSC36d ago

Not even close. Returnal, and Kena look far better

VersusDMC36d ago

As a fan of movies like the Raid I'm definitely hyped for Sifu.

Jericho133736d ago

That’s exactly what sprung to mind when I saw the trailer too.

Abnor_Mal36d ago

Oldboy, Raid, and Darrdevil like the article says which i didn't even think of, cause I said Oldboy when I sae thr trailer. Some else replied and said Raid, possibly you, and I could see that too, i guess the devs took inspiration for all of them and other martial arts movies with scenes of one against many in long narrow alleyways.

I am hyped for the game, but I'm seeing others talking about the devs previous game Absolver, which I never played, saying that that game was mediocre so there's a strong possibility that Sifu will be also. Hopefully Sifu turns out to be a good game in every way and scores decently.

For some reason my mind is telling me Dragon Tiger Gate, but not sure if that movie had a similar fight scene.

CrimsonWing6936d ago

I'd have to say I was a bit more impressed with Kena, but I was also that one person who thought the FF7 Remake announcement with Yuffie was mind-blowing, so take that however you want.

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The story is too old to be commented.