Rockstar owner discusses remasters strategy, says it’s not interested in ‘simple ports’

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick says Rockstar can't deliver "a great experience" by "just doing a simple port”

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rpvenom1239d ago

Please... please .. Please rockstar.. just focus your energy and efforts on GTA 6.. I know GTAV is printing non-stop cash for you.. but dont let greed turn you into EA.. you can still remain at the top by just giving us gta 6

isarai1239d ago

I wish they'd tone down the simulator elements a bit in their games and get back to turning out more than one damn game a generation 🙄

chiefJohn1171239d ago

Idk hownto feel. The extra time and effort gave us a game like no other with so much to discover. Would you rather have a gta with limitless possibilities or one one with less features, easter eggs and realism?

isarai1239d ago

IMO the more realistic they go, the less possibilities there are. GTAV and especially RDR2 is simulation to the point of hindering. You can't do half the fun things you could in previous R* games, everything is so clumsy and cumbersome, jump buttons are completely useless now, and there's just so many things to roadblock creativity because the world wants to be a reality sim instead

Profchaos1239d ago

GTA v was really arcadey overall compared to IV but I prefer IV for its realistic driving

notachance1239d ago

gentle reminder that RDR2 was developed by a different studio than GTAV which means it has been 8 years ever since GTA studio released a game.

YodaCracker1232d ago

All of Rockstar’s studios collaborated on RDR2.

Bigman4k1239d ago

As they should and other game developers as well

SinisterKieran1239d ago

Wait, what counts as ports again.
Are bringing the same games to each generation not ports?

--Onilink--1239d ago

Thats probably why they specified “simple” ports. GTAV was a substantial upgraded and added the first person mode.
I imagine they will be making another substantial upgrade on current gen for gta v again to use as a test of their tech.

Then again, they have released simple ports like LA Noir too

chiefJohn1171239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Gta v was a simple port. I think R* talking about add certain things that werent in the originals like climbing and swimming

--Onilink--1239d ago

Gta v did more from ps3 to ps4 than most recent remasters. You should check out the comparison videos

NeoGamer2321238d ago

Ya, GTA V has been a simple port for two generations now.

PS3/X360 to PS4/XBO to PS5/XB Series.

Aussiesummer1235d ago

Except it wasn't, the graphical upgrade from ps3 to ps4 was a big leap, not a simple port.

NeoGamer2321235d ago

The graphical upgrade from PS3 to PS4 was done with graphical assets they probably created in high resolution for the PC version. Developers use the same graphical assets across all platforms.

Sure there was probably some engine optimization but to call it a large development effort would be a lie. Same with the jump to PS5. Again there are probably improvements, but the PC version was already 4K/60 fps fully on high end hardware years ago.

Espangerish1239d ago

Maybe not ports exactly but how about a next gen patch for GTA V...just a little mini project.

chiefJohn1171239d ago

NO! We're done with gtaV. Remaster San Andreas and Vice city

neomahi1239d ago

Or you could create new original content. You wanted new hardware after griping PS4 was powerful enough, so now ya wanna live in the past?

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