GameSpy: Grand Theft Auto IV PC Review

GameSpy writes: "What is the American Dream? More specifically, what is your American Dream? Posing that question to a million people would likely net you a million unique answers, as the term (and the theory itself) means something different to everyone. Is it about the big house and a flashy car, or a comfortable job and meaningful relationship, or would just surviving on the mean streets be enough? The very nature of the American Dream is the central theme in Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV, a picture-perfect snapshot of the underworld of today's big cities. While Rockstar initially wouldn't confirm the game would ever get a PC release, we all had a feeling it would just be a matter of time. Sure enough, just a few months after the console releases, GTA4 has debuted on the PC. It's a good thing, too, since this is one of the finest titles of the generation thus far."

+Amazing writing
+Incredibly detailed world
+Impressive visuals and sound
+Intense combat
+Excellent multiplayer
+Innovative video editor

-Occasional graphical glitches and framerate issues
-Mot for the easily offended

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