Robbie Bach to head up Xbox Handheld?

After overseeing the launch of Xbox and Xbox 360 worldwide from its initial inception as a Windows based Gaming device in the late nineties, through to the all powerful 'Official Console of the 2006 FIFA World Cup' Xbox 360, Robbie Bach moved on to internal pastures in the newly created Entertainment & Devices division of Microsoft late last year.

Tasked with making Microsoft's Music and entertainment arm a more effective global player and enabling it to compete against Apple's iPod, Robbie Bach may indeed again be at the forefront of an Xbox system. Recently, rumours of a handheld version of the Xbox have been the subject of many a discussion, but so far we've not been left with many clues to the authenticity of these claims. However, Reuters this week has let slip that Bach had been attending numerous round-tables and meetings between partners in the music industry to discuss the eventuality of a portable entertainment system to rival the iPod and possibly the PSP.

PS360PCROCKS6506d ago

it's not happening stop talking about this hideous handheld

Marriot VP6506d ago

i don't find a handheld worth it. I mean look at sony's struggle with their big fan base.

Nintendo's too big of a beast for handhelds. A MS handheld would be completely snubbed.

OutLaw6506d ago

Nintendo has to much experience in that department to allow other companies to take them down. You know how many tetris they sold over the years.

Capt CHAOS6506d ago

Fullstop. Dont' care who brings it out.


Wired Productions is kicking-off its Wired Direct 2024 digital showcase on April 23rd, 2024

"Indie publishing powerhouse Wired Productions is throwing open the door to its secret games room with the revival of Wired Direct.

This digital showcase will shine a spotlight on the publisher's exciting 2024 lineup, including sensational new games, release dates, first looks and a couple of surprises on the night!" - Wired Productions.


Yuji Naka guilty of insider trading breaks silence to accuse Square Enix producer of lies

Yuji Naka was fined $1.2 million and given a suspended jail sentence for the crime.

Profchaos2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I find his comments around how Balan turned out to be very insightful as to why the game is trash. He basically apologises for its existence

solideagle23h ago

can you please give some of us who don't know anything about this, a summary of what happened?

Chocoburger23h ago

Balan was knowingly rushed out by S-E, it had an extremely short dev cycle and was fairly low budget.
Naka was the game's director until near the end when he was fired or perhaps he quit, I forgot.

carrotcakeag21h ago

@Chocoburger Yeah they did fire and replace him which caused him to unload a bunch of rants about the company. The project only existed because of Naka in the first place, he convinced Square to give him one shot at making a platformer. They gave him an opportunity but pulled the rug out before he was done for reasons not explained.


Broken Roads Drives onto Consoles & PC

The isometric RPG Broken Roads is available now for PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, courtesy of indie studio Drop Bear Bytes.