Face your nightmares in Doom 3: VR Edition for PS VR

From PS Blog: "Take a trip to Mars you won’t soon forget with the power of PlayStation VR and Doom 3: VR Edition. The game arrives March 29 for PlayStation 4 and is backwards compatible on PlayStation 5. Take your Aim controller in hand, put on your PS VR headset, and step into the armored boots of The Doom Marine. Fight for your life as one of the few survivors left in a UAC facility overrun by demons."

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TGGJustin104d ago

This is an awesome surprise. Don't have long to wait either

SullysCigar103d ago

PSVR is smashing it with big name exclusives lately. Just makes the prospect of PSVR2 all the more mouth watering!

The fact that Doom 3 has been built for Aim controller only hypes me even more!

S2Killinit104d ago

PSVR2 cant get here soon enough.

Army_of_Darkness104d ago

I can wait...after all, I'm still waiting to get a ps5......

RauLeCreuset104d ago

Yup. But I'll take this until it does!

ocelot07104d ago

Oh wow thats cool. So is this coming to pc as well? I know you can mod the original to play vr. But I rather have a official port.

Abnor_Mal104d ago

Okayy, now this is something of a surprise. I loved Doom VFR, so this will def get a buy from me.

Atomicjuicer104d ago

Does it work with move controllers? Dualsense controllers don't work on psvr

Ron_Danger104d ago

Good thing it’s a ps4 game.

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The story is too old to be commented.