IGN: Hasbro Family Game Night Review

IGN writes: "You've connected four before. You've boggled your mind to search for words, you've rolled five sixes out of the cup on the first round, and you've certainly sunk your share of battleships. But though you've done it all before, EA's hoping you'll want to do it again, in video game form, with Hasbro Family Game Night.

This board game compilation brings five classic Hasbro board games to the Wii and PlayStation 2 -- Connect Four, Boggle, Yahtzee, Sorry! and Battleship. Then, for good measure, it throws in the new-for-2008 Sorry! Sliders to round out the package. But is paying 30 bucks for digital versions of a half dozen analog games worth it? It may be, if you've got a family to enjoy them with."

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