Farpoint Studio Tease Cryptic Message for Upcoming VR Game

Its due for release later this year.

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PrimeVinister42d ago

Farpoint VR may be surpassed by other VR first-person shooters in the future but it is an important part of the genre's development in VR.

Neonridr41d ago

I mean HL: Alyx is probably the best representation of first person implementation into a VR game to date. But it's exciting to see what's on the horizon. I will particularly be interested in the next gen version of PSVR to see what sorts of new interactions we can get with the controller

Abnor_Mal41d ago

Farpoint was a great shooter with the Aim controller on PSVR, I'm excited to see what the studio is doing next and if its another shooter that will use the Aim again.

"There’s also no mention of what platforms it’ll support, presumably PlayStation VR will get a look in as Farpoint was exclusive to the headset. But there have been fewer and fewer for Sony’s device. With a 2021 launch window, VRFocus would expect an Oculus Quest version due to its popularity."

Sony just announced today five to six new games that will be releasing this year, so the idea of fewer and fewer games on the device is not correct, and there are a good set of games. Whether the game is exclusive or not it would be welcomed either way. How many Oculus Quest HMDs have been sold to date, and are they close to or already closed the lead of Sonys headset?