The games industry defies the downturn - for now

A strong customer base has insulated the business, but the future may hold far less innovation and originality. Everyone's talking about recession - except gamers. A trawl of the game retailers in Brighton recently revealed plenty of customers, long queues waiting to pay and sales assistants saying that business is great, thank you very much.

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fan_of_gaming3698d ago

that it is because kids (under 20) are the main supporters of the gaming industry, and the recession is not really affecting them like it is adults. We don't have mortgages or bills or anything to pay so we can keep buying consoles and games but eventually we too will be affected and that is when the game industry will start to slide imo.

LokMessier3698d ago

Well a form of entertainment, people no matter what they go through try to always find some form of entertainment. Being that games provide sufficient entertainment people will continue to buy. This is a good thing for gamers as we don't have to worry to much about losing any sleep over whether or not a game we have been watching for months and years won't be canceled because of this. I suppose something everyone would love after hearing about this is if some games dropped in price, at least by $10.

MIA3698d ago

For now, that is the key word.