2D RPG Revival - The Future Of Switch Is Looking Sprite

Toby @ FG We look ahead to a bumper few years of 2D RPGs if you're a Switch owner, and a couple you can play right away.

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UltimateOwnage1230d ago

Switch has one of my favorite libraries of games since the SNES.

shinoff21831229d ago

Are any of these games coming to the ps4? I have a switch but prefer to game on ps4. Most of my joycons have the drifting issue so I don't use it much.

Omac_brother1229d ago

Yeah, a number of them are announced for PS4. Some of these are Switch exclusives though.


The Indie Genre Has No Exact Boundaries Anymore

In recent times, the Indie genre has lost its charm by becoming a loose term. There are no borders to decide whether a title is Indie or not.

OtterX5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

The defining factor is creative freedom. If you answer to a publisher, and they push ideas, changes and their own vision, then you are not indie. If you have a small publishing agreement that brought in funding, but the publisher's stake in the company or project is not large enough to give them creative reign, then you are still indie bc you still remain independent of control.

It's that easy. Indie means independence of creative control, not independence from funding. Many times small time publishers of indies will take control of only the marketing side of things, which is usually very much appreciated. I've worked in this side of gaming.

*It's the same thing in indie films or indie music really, with varying levels of quality and funding. It's about retaining the creator's original vision without unwanted meddling.

Vits5d ago

Unfortunately, yes. Indies were originally games that were outside of the main market, created by studios with no ties to publishers or larger companies. Then, at some point, they started to include pretty much every game that looks smallish. And even that went the way of the dodo, and budget size started to be compared, which we often don't know; now it's pretty much whatever you are feeling that day. Some will say that it's about creative freedom, which is also basically impossible to measure in most games and could very well mean that a bunch of smaller projects by Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc., are actually indies.

So at the end of the day. It's another label that has very little meaning.


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This article covers pixel Indie games that have a superior art direction and creative art style compared to several modern AAA titles.


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