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Outriders is fast, furious and brutal, with well-balanced gunplay and superpowers, and it is a good amount of fun, especially playing with friends.

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wolf58138d ago

My impressions from the demo...
Its not worth the 69 € more like 39.
Too fast like a flipper
Enemies spawn from everywhere
Sponges and stupid enemies
Outdated graphics .besides the 4k/60...avengers its far better in graphics for me
Cutscenes needs work
The goods for me is
the shooting is ok
The croosplay works perfect and fast
And the waypoints signs is clean and works perfect

headshotfrosty38d ago

Agreed. I was a good experience overall but needs a little polish and refinement. Otherwise solid foundation. They should wait a bit more to release it.

Saijahn38d ago

Felt the same way and in some instances the game just felt as clunky as it looks. It's a pass for me, catch it on a deep sale

Darkborn38d ago

Same. I felt like it was a great ps3 game. It just didn't seem super amazing looking or running even on the ps5, and I don't know it just didn't seem all there. Like it was missing something.. Plus tons of bugs and glitches which are common in these launches.

arkard38d ago

I mean if enemies were downed by a couple bullets what would be the point of powers?
And I prefer enemies spawning from different spots, makes you have to move around instead of just camping and shooting as they spawn in.
It does have some issues and needs a little works, but foundation is solid.

TheRealTedCruz38d ago

Yeah. There's fun to be had there, and it was well optimized when I played on PC. It even ran smoothly on my office PC - 1440p/60 - and that's just a 970 and an old i5.
But it's not a game I'd drop $60. When it hits that $20-30 range, I'll probably go in on it.

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waverider38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

One of the problems is that this is a last gen game that took many ideas from other similar games, but isnt better then any of them. The studio couldnt iron the problems of the unreal engine in terms of plastic look and colours. Story is meh, cutscenes and lip sync need work. Animation.... the ninja enemies... Its a shame. I read many preview from sites and i think what game did they play... Its not outriders

Aussiesummer38d ago

And graphically bland af, like they didn't even try.