5 PlayStation games we hope to see on PC

Dan Rizzo says "With Horizon Zero Dawn paving the way for titles such as Days Gone, it’s somewhat of a pipedream for PlayStation exclusives to finally go multiplatform. In an effort to expand and attract newcomers to console gaming, PlayStation Mobile, Inc. have been given the green light to publish select titles from PlayStation’s illustrious ballot of first party studios."

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TheRealTedCruz42d ago

I feel FF7 remake coming to PC sometime down the road is an inevitability, really.

Sonic-and-Crash42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

i hope none of them come to PC ...Playstation is weakening itself by giving exclusives also they dont help the sales ...PC only crowd doesnt care for console SP games ..the sales are minimal and that is straight fact ...has be proven thousand times

Back in 90s when PC had some golden days NO console game had helped itself in sales by releasing also on PC
examples Resi 1 - minimal to no sales, MGS1-no sales, FF8 -7 no sales, Dino Crisis-No slaes ,Turok 2 no sales ...even now the extremely popular Monster Hunter World (wich is has strong multiplayer structure) --had mediocre sales and little appeal to PC

TheRealTedCruz41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Monster Hunter World sold 6 million copies on PC, outside of Japan, and has an average concurrent player base on Steam of 25k, though it can go as high as 40k depending on the time.
A quick Google search would actually show you that PC sales almost match both PS4 and Xbox One, combined. Despite the fact the PC version came out after the console releases.

So, in all actuality, you're just straight up lying to people right now, and lying is bad.

spdarksky41d ago

No sales? Where do you got that info from? If PC has no sales then why the hell did MS and now SONY jump into releasing games on PC? and more will come..

MGS-1 makes no sales, then why they release MGS-5 to PC..?
Turok 2 makes no sales, then why they release Turok remastered on PC..?
Resi 1 makes no sales, then why they release the whole freaking series on PC..?
FF8-7 makes no sales, then why they release all remasteres on PC..?

It makes no freaking sense. They have the many people working for them doing R&D and for sure they got something that makes the decision for this investment to PC worthwhile. Sorry Sonic your words have no weight..

Vegamyster41d ago

"Playstation is weakening itself by giving exclusives also they dont help the sales"

"...PC only crowd doesnt care for console SP games"

How is Sony weakening themselves if PC gamers don't care about the games? Considering Halo MCC sold 2-5 Million and Horizon sold 1-2 million via Steam Spy, I'd say plenty of people care lol.

Sonic-and-Crash41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

@Vega 1-2 million sales on PC are minimal to help Sony (or the studio) especially if the games are given in sales and offers that are almost free (very low price) ..

.imagine half of these people who liked the games bought the console and subscribe sooner or later to PS Plus(+the sales form buying the game) ? ...the earnings are not comparable and PS ecosystem is strengthing even more

Highrevz41d ago

Oh no my precious sales 😭

Vegamyster41d ago

Why are you pretending to know what Sony considers good? 1-2 Million for an old game sold at a higher price than the console version is good, even on sale it still was more.

I thought we were talking about single player games? Why would someone buy an online subscription to play single player content?

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badz14942d ago

I thought FF7 is a given. it was announced as a timed exclusive just like Death Stranding. why do people try to act like it isn't?

Extermin8or3_41d ago

Ff7 remake is already confirmed by square Enix I swear for this summer

Teflon0241d ago

That was only ps5 confirmed. Nothing else ATM. But it will obviously atleast hit PC. Maybe Xbox in the future too. But they wouldn't say play first on ps and tell the exclusive date if they weren't going to release elsewhere

Stanjara42d ago

Why only 5? ...all of them pc day 1, c'mon me the money!
:/ f,uckin sales CEO

JimmyDM9042d ago

The PlayStation game that would most benefit from PC support is Dreams.

BiofourceGun41d ago

are pc gamers really that much interested in it though? over their own free indie dev tools. which they can also release demos for free.

DashGamer41d ago

As much as I was tempted to put this on the list, I don't see Dreams as something viable in terms of PC gaming/indie development. PC gaming development is thriving with already existing tools available, some for free. This is coming from the guy who closed out the Worldwide Accolades commercial for Dreams; I just don't see it being popular for PC.

DevilOgreFish41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

it will be a challenge for pc gamers to be excited for dreams. pc dev tools are on another level. mod support, free deployment, free enterprise, business careers, content creation freedom without moderation.
existing pc tools have lots of possibilities.

Extermin8or3_41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I think they could potentially see God of War come to pc especially with the new one on ps5 soon, days gone ofc has been announced. I get thebinoression that games like ratchet and clank it would seem to be unlikely tbh what with a new release in a couple of months. Gran turisno games likewise will remain exclusive. Spiderman is an interesting one... genuinely not sure. I could see a bunch of smaller indie titles making their way across and perhaps the uncharted collection followed by uncharted 4 and the lost legacy and the last of us remastered. In all honesty I could see bloodborne and demons souls making the jump- they seem the most likely given that they already know there is a big market for them on pc.

Equally I could see Sony wanting to keep god of war and Naughty dog and insomniacs games totally exclusive and releasing various other titles. I think bloodborne is a no brainer however as is demon souls tbh.

DashGamer41d ago

I agree. With Horizon Forbidden West & Zero Dawn as leading examples of this PS to PC initiative, there's not doubt that God of War is atop PlayStation's potential port list.

DarXyde41d ago

In general, I think the games that Sony decides to share are going to be much more strategic than just giving PC more games (as you suggest, but I have a bit of a different perspective). When you think about it, rather than effectively disband Japan Studio, their games could have just come to PC to maximize why didn't they do that? The PC base is broad enough that games like Gravity Rush would likely outperform its lifetime sales on PlayStation consoles days or weeks after a PC release. I think Sony is going for an approach that will string PC gamers along and hit the PlayStation console market with sequels to those games.

So...what do I think will happen? I think they'll actually flood the PC market with some of their top-shelf stuff, in quality and quantity. PC already has Horizon, Days Gone, and Death Stranding confirmed. I think we're going to possibly see The Last of Us Part II, Uncharted 4, God of War, Spider-Man, Bloodborne, and *possibly* Gran Turismo 6 or 7. I doubt it will stop there, but there's a good reason: I think Sony wants to show PC gamers about the breadth and wealth of content on PlayStation to invite them into their ecosystem. The sequels to these games are very likely to be kept off PC for quite a while, if not entirely. If you just have a game like Horizon and keep the sequel off PC, that's not enough to encourage PC gamers to buy a PS5. No, I think Sony wants to build a strong PC profile and then say, "you're missing out on all these great sequels to games you've played on PC if you don't buy a PS5." OR, have them wait for a very long time. Tease them in greater quantity, so to speak. Any of the games I mentioned with titles before it (e.g., The Last of Us, God of War, or Uncharted) are likely to be mainstays on PS Now to maximize that profitability by giving access to those games on PC. The sequels to games like God of War or Uncharted 4 once released might be offered on PC after a year or so via PS Now, but I highly doubt you're going to see it natively released any time soon after release on PlayStation consoles (possibly 3-4 years later, if at all). I think my PS Now hypothesis has some legs; Sony seems to really be trying to bolster their cloud gaming service.

If that is true, it's an interesting approach and Sony will need to be careful about its implementation. If they're not, the exact opposite may happen where a portion of the PS community migrates to PC in favor of higher specs, mods, and the ability to access Xbox games on the same platform. Just thinking out loud here.

Imalwaysright41d ago

If Sony thinks that releasing their 1st party games on the PC and then not release their respective sequels on the platform will attract PC gamers into their ecosystem then they do not understand PC gamers at all. PC gamers that would never buy a PS5 won't buy it no matter what.

Abnor_Mal41d ago

The pc crowd were snug in their beds, while visions of PlayStation exclusives danced in their heads.