New Modern Warfare & Warzone Texture Pack Released on Consoles, Supports “Most Detailed Textures”

Activision has rolled out a new Modern Warfare & Warzone Texture Pack for next-gen & on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X! Promises "the most detailed textures for weapons & Operators."

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Tacoboto42d ago

*Two years of COD no longer fit on 500GB hard drives*
Devs: "PS5 825GB, you're next"

Nitrowolf242d ago

I deleted that shit. Just zero excuse why it take sup so much space. Got better games that can use it

excaliburps42d ago

Indeed. I downloaded Warzone last week. had to delete at least three games on PS5. Decided I'd rather have those three games back so delete it again. :(

Mr Logic42d ago

Jeez. Just use an external drive.

Tacoboto42d ago

That would be more practical if Sony allowed for cold storage of PS5 games on externals. But as of now that's a big nope.

If Warzone becomes PS5 native then that wouldn't work at all.

Mr Logic42d ago


You literally just proved my point...It's a PS4 game so you CAN put it on the external. Cold storage would be nice, but has NOTHING to do with the topic at hand.

Muigi41d ago

Lol I have 1tb SSD plugged in the back of my PS5...I still deleted the game. Way more interesting games to play Warzone is boring now.

Kabaneri42d ago

They need to detach Warzone from MW. Its too much memory space, and Cold War is trash I prefer MW.

xenz42d ago

But Warzone is detached from MW lol

SenorFartCushion41d ago

It’s not, it’s what the game considers the “base” of the game

Lostbytes41d ago

Not so, Warzone was FORCEFULLY installed on all consoles with a copy of COD installed. A Standalone FTP mode forcefully installed on The MW iteration, with no customer permission. That is also Forcefully installed with cold war. I do not play BR type games. I never wanted this. So i uninstalled both versions.

SenorFartCushion41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

DW, It’s a regular update

andy8542d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Christ how big is it now 😂😂 no reason for this game to be over 75gb nevermind 200

Phoenix7642d ago

Worst thing is, even though its only 8.2gb, you still need 100gb free space to install

Newmanator42d ago

This is the absolute worst part of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.