IGN: Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile Review

IGN writes: "Think Guitar Hero is only a phenomenon on consoles? The mobile edition of Guitar Hero III pushed 2.5 million downloads. In mobile numbers, that's bottled lightning, so it's no surprise that Hands-On Mobile is riding shotgun with the recent release of Guitar Hero World Tour for consoles. The mobile edition, developed by MachineWorks Northwest, adds drums to the mix and rolls out a whole new collection of songs. And if that didn't melt your face, then maybe the promise of online multiplayer will?

The console version of Guitar Hero World Tour is notable for its inclusion of drums and vocals, bringing it in line with the successful upstart Rock Band franchise. World Tour on cellphones only adds drums, which seems like an organic inclusion since tapping on number keys really isn't that divorced from hitting drums. Expanding the instrument library just by a single instrument effectively doubles the amount of gameplay in World Tour mobile since every song now has a second angle. After mastering No Doubt's "Spiderwebs" on the guitar, attack it on the drums for a whole new take on the song. That's good value."

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