Why We Need Fewer Remakes and Remasters

Zahi AR. from Link Cable Gaming writes “Welcome back Link Cable Gaming fans, here to discuss why we need fewer remakes and remasters. Gaming has evolved rapidly, and so too has the love for bringing classic games up to today’s standards. Announcements for remakes or remasters are shooting up all over the place, like Demon’s Souls and Super Mario 3D World. But do these games deserve to be launch titles for consoles? Remakes are starting to take over much of the gaming landscape today, with each classic coming back in some form. I don’t believe more remakes are good for gaming in the long term for the health of the industry.”

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ArchangelMike40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Man I couldn't disagree with you more on all the points that you raise. The technology today allows for some of the old school classics to be realised in ways that the originals couldn't becasue of the technological limitations of the time.

Price - Those games will sell well which will positively stimulate the industry. The price should obviously reflect the current market.

Content - As a remaster/remake the original content is sufficient because it's been remasterd and brought up to modern day standards. So there's not much of a problem there, as it's being experienced as a new shiny modern build.

Audience - Any creative knows that exposing your craft to a new audience is always a good thing. The larger your audience base, the greater longevity your product has - and the more succesful the franchise will be. So Remake/Remasters are good for franchise longevity.

I would love to see Metal Gear Solid, Vagrant Story, Time Splitters, Manhunt etc etc Remade with modern day graphics tech, AI and gameplay.

If they were ever remade, they would (i) Sell very well. (ii) be content sufficient in themselves (iii) Bring in a whole new audience to these franchises.

So I whole heartedly disagree. Remakes/Remasters ARE good for the industry and good for gamers - ergo we need MORE Remasters/Remakes.

Zahiar40d ago

Hey man, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree with a lot of your points for sure. But I'm just looking at the future when all we have to look forward to is the next remaster. I bet there's an audience for all of them, it's just getting to a slippery slope of now all companies are doing is remasters with less original content.

ArchangelMike40d ago

I get it, and I agree with your sentiment that we don't want devs to get lazy and lose the creativity of making new IP's. I hope there never comes a day when all we're getting by way of new games are remakes and remasters; but in all honestly, I highly doubt that will ever be the case. It's an over exageration to say that "all companies are doing is remasters..." That's simply not true, there are many new IP's and many more sequels coming out than remasters/remakes.

I think the real problem is when a remaster/remake is a blatant cash grab, the recently release XIII is a good example of a remaster that was just a shameless cash grab, and wasn't worth the effort. On the other hand, RE2, and FFVII were remakes done right. The upcoming Mass Effect remaster is a good discussion to have, should it have been a fullblown remake, or is remastering a 3 games into one package with all DLC enough. In any case, I'm sure it will still sell very well for EA, as most ME fans will probably double dip.

-Foxtrot40d ago

I don't mind remakes and remasters if they are long overdue or they are games that didn't really get a lot of attention when they were first released

Like I'd love a proper Beyond Good and Evil Remake, The Legend of Dragoon, The Simpsons: Hit & Run or a remake collection of Tomb Raider 1-3 like what Activision did with Crash Bandicoot

zacfoldor39d ago

Generally, I tend to like all remakes of classic games(with one or two big exceptions), and I wouldn't mind having the ones you listed either. I would LOVE a Legends of Dragoon remake.

isarai40d ago

Nah, there's an audience for them, even naysayers have games they wish were remastered. I'm still holding out hope for Robot Alchemic Drive, Ape Escape, and MGS4(preferably with MGO)

Rimeskeem40d ago

I wonder if this person never watches reboots of movies or TV shows. Reimagining, in itself, is not a bad practice. Being able to play your favorite game with everything updated is awesome. Being able to share such an experience with a younger family member I would assume is great and lets you connect with them better. People vote with their wallets, if it's a shit remake, don't buy.

Knightofelemia39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I like remasters and remakes of games if they stick to the original source material and are a full game unlike the RE3 remake. Remasters I like because it introduces new gamers to a good franchise and they can save cash instead of buying the last gen console and paying what ever stupid price that game is fetching on Ebay. I am a purist I am still debating about the ME remaster I want to play the game and enjoy the game when I played it on PS3. I can understand adding new textures and new features and the DLC but editing Miranda's ass because it's in a shot I don't like. Her ass is fully clothed for f*ck sakes as it stands XB360 and PS3 ports of the ME trilogy are better. I honestly wish and check every day the one remaster I want is the Xenosaga Trilogy that would make my day.

But I also understand that remakes and remasters act as filler material while a studio is finishing up on their new title or someone wants to generate extra revenue. If the remaster or remake is the same game as that studios new title thats great it helps build up hype. The thing that turns me off to the FF7 remake is Aerith tripping and seeing ghosts and the whole new character you have to fight like Roche he was never in the first game and the whole sneaking into someone's house to steal a key also turned me off. And the fact the Yuffie DLC is for PS5 only when Square knows PS5's are hard to find and fetching stupid prices by scalpers online. Bring the Yuffie DLC to PS4 why should I and other PS4 owners get screwed over because we bought the game on the PS4.

Rebel_Scum39d ago

They didnt change the Mirandas ass thing just because its her ass. They changed it because in the scene you’re in a serious conversation with her about her sister and the camera is ass height and looks weird/out of place with the context.

Im fine if they change it and fine if they didnt, but I think why you think they changed it, isnt the reason why they are.

OtakuGamer39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

However, I'm afraid I have to disagree; the interaction you are speaking about and how the camera is to her body is consistent throughout the whole game because the camera was acting like a tool to portray or emphasize the sex appeal, curves, and how her father saw as a perfect woman. You saw this throughout other parts of the game when interacting with her.

Knightofelemia39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Like I say I am a purist I want to play the game the same way I played it last gen changing a scene is something I don't like. Who is to say the way they change it doesn't screw the scene up worse I can understand improving the look adding new features and DLC but to change a whole seen is stupid.

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