Aliens: Fireteam Screenshots Bear a Close Resemblance To Gears of War

Aliens: Fireteam screenshots give us a glimpse at a brand new game that is set in the sci-fi Aliens universe, but they also look quite familiar.

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v_eno_m38d ago

i dont care, as long as if it's better than aliens: colonial marines than it's a win. alien fans deserve a well developed game.

InUrFoxHole38d ago

Please don't mention that pos. I'm still upset about it lol

CrimsonWing6938d ago

if it plays more like Gears of War and less like Left 4 Dead, I'm in!

Binarycode38d ago

More like LFD and every other 4 player co-op.

ndonnine37d ago

Stupid. It's a third person over the shoulder shooter. That's literally the only resemblance to GOW. But this looks a lot more like LFD. Get this click bait shit out of here.

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