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BattleCat38d ago

I have enough from this acquiring shit slowly

Palitera38d ago

Ain't free market beautiful?

blacktiger38d ago

free market do not exist if regulatlor is there to stop youi

darthv7238d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I'm thinking a fallout / fortnite crossover is in the works. I don't play either so if one already exists... it's about to get bigger.

Welshy37d ago

How does Epic acquiring the Fall Guys studio indicate a Fortnite/Fallout crossover?

Fallout is a Bethesda/MS IP.

darthv7237d ago

'Fall' Guys: Ultimate Knock 'out'... Fallout (for short)

But seriously I mistyped and figured people would still get what I mean.

StoneyYoshi37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

"But seriously I mistyped and figured people would still get what I mean."
I did.

Welshy wasn't thinking about the context behind your comment... He just reacted.

Welshy37d ago

@darth fair enough, it's a bit of a weird abbreviation that I've never heard anyone use before that happens to sound the same as another huge franchise.

Wasn't trying to be a dick, I was just legitimately confused and wondered where your thought process was coming from 😅

Sgt_Slaughter38d ago

Not happy about who bought them but this will certainly give them more money to work on much more towards the game, and the fact that they want cross-play in the game will greatly help longevity of the player count (which should have been in from the start but I get they're a small company)

Sniperwithacause38d ago

I thought cross play was in it from the start. PS and PC played together.
Hard to play with XB players when the game wasn't on their system yet.

Sgt_Slaughter38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Nope, it's not in the game as of right now. Made me a bit disappointed because my friend group was split down the middle on both systems so it should have been in by default

PrinceAli37d ago

We dont want crossplay with the PC community with your abundance of hacks and cheats on a family friendly game.. were good loool

ocelot0738d ago

I guess it means they will have more funds towards development of the game now. I can them removing this from the steam store soon enough like they did with rocket league.

BrainSyphoned38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Well there goes my hopes of a Winnie the Pooh fall guy costume.

DefaultComment37d ago

Doubt it, Unless Disney approves, besides I rather see your mom in that fat-ass jelly bean suit instead.

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The story is too old to be commented.