MLB The Show 21 60FPS, & Stadium Builder Coming to PS5 & Series X|S

MLB The Show 21 is coming next month, and the team at Sony San Diego just dropped some big news about the next-gen versions of the game.

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saint_seya38d ago

I dont get it, Sony just releasing games on pc, now on XBox, this doesnt make sense to me


How does making more money not make sense to you?

xHeavYx38d ago

Most likely the MBL agreed to renew the license with Sony only if they launched the game multiplat

solidsnake22238d ago

Heavy is right. The Show is going to Xbox because MLB would only renew the license with Sony if they agreed to make it go multiplatform. It's gonna be funny to see the Playstation Studios intro on an Xbox game.

jukins38d ago

Pc games are years old ps games.... mlb the show was sony basically forced or they'd lose exclsuive license. Not to mention money....

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