It Takes Two won't have any collectibles: 'People don't even finish games'

It Takes Two director Josef Fares says collectibles won't be in the game and replayability isn't the focus, as players "don't even play games."

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masterfox40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Kinda the true on why gamers wont finish games, but there is a strong reason on why this happens, and that is imo is that some games aren't appealing to play or is just not fun, removing elements for replayability it wont make your game atractive if your core gameplay is dull and boring, if gamers dont finish your game is cause of that imo.

GamerRN39d ago

I was waiting on Cyberpunk for the next gen upgrade... Time to play the last mission I guess

Kran38d ago

Cool but let's not turn him into a god like people have done with Kojima.

And if you disagree, well you're one of those that worship him 🤷‍♂️😏

sourOG38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Can you tell me why people seem compelled to accuse me of shit that I didn’t say? It’s constant and it’s weird.

Is it my personality? Do people read my text in a certain tone that causes constant misinterpretations? Do y’all just f**k with me because you know I’m high? I don’t get it lol.

He’s a funny guy, every time I see him in the news I’m laughing. I don’t know what Kojima has to do with that...

roadkillers39d ago

I don't play games that are tedious. Give me a fun game, could be an awesome story, but needs to be fun

Snookies1238d ago

I don't believe that's true. I've had plenty of games that weren't the most enthralling to play through. The story is what drove me forward in those cases to finish these games. It depends largely on the context of what the game is centered around, and what the developers are trying to go for. A game doesn't HAVE to be a 'fun' experience to be a good game.

roadkillers38d ago

The comment says "I" don't play tedious games.. not "you" or "everyone". I don't care what others are playing, I'm playing games for fun.

Snookies1238d ago (Edited 38d ago )

@roadkillers - Right, and I said "I" don't believe that's true. I'm not saying your way of thinking is flawed. I'm just stating that's not the case for myself. And the case still stands that a game doesn't have to be fun to be good.

roadkillers38d ago

You don't believe that to be true for yourself, gotcha.

For you, the game needs to be fun for me. Just beat RE7 for the third time. Speed running the game is a blast. It also has a compelling story. Good combo. Fun's subjective, I get it.

Snookies1238d ago (Edited 38d ago )

@roadkillers - RE 7 was a good game, hoping RE 8 builds on it and makes it all the better! And yeah, I agree if the developers nail both story and gameplay you've got something wonderful on your hands. Music also plays a big part for me personally. Get all three working in unison and you've got something special.

TricksterArrow38d ago

@roadkillers Chill. You made a point he offered a counterpoint, that's why we have replies.

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neutralgamer199238d ago


This 100000000%. So many games go for realism, biggest open world, more quests than ever before etc etc but one thing many and I do mean many many games forget to add to the game is fun

RDR2 is prime example of all this. Beautiful open world, 3-5 second long looting animations, broken on purpose fast travel system, cheat codes are blocked so it's like R* don't want you to have any fun. Most games that allow cheats simply disable trophies or achievements but R* went a step further by not allowing you to save game progress

All AC games are drawn out to long simply so they can be 50+ hours in length. I rather get 15+ hours of solid fun experience than game map filled with useless fetch quests

Dragon age inquisition was also one of the worst when it came to fun in my opinion because it forced you to do fetch quests in order to open main story missions

Ataraxias39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

A more modern reason is actually FOMO. If you look on Twitch and other streaming platforms you'll find a conflict:

Home gamer and streamer starts the game at the same time.
Then home gamer must strive to play faster than the streamer if they wish to avoid being spoiled.
If they don't play faster, then they have to either cave and watch the streamer, or miss out on being in the "community".

Outlawzz38d ago

I don't think this affects even 1% of the gaming community lol

MatrixxGT38d ago

Or you could just not waste time watching a streamer and just play your game?

elazz39d ago

Sometimes I start a game with the sole purpose to do the main story and maybe a couple side things because I would like to complete some of my backlog. However soon as I start I look past every corner, in every room scared to miss something. Or even worse. Get far enough that once I realize it is the main quest that I can't go back anymore.

Started control on PS5 just finish the story but now I'm trying to find every crate, recording, note ...
I don't mind if what you find adds to the experience or if it isn't an abundance of icons (AC for example).

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