Will Rockstar Ever Make Bully 2?

One of Rockstar's most fondly remembered games is PS2's Bully, but a sequel has just never materialised. Will we ever see one?

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NecrumOddBoy38d ago

In an age where Dr. Suess is called a detriment to childhood development... yeah Bully 2 isn't happening.

Army_of_Darkness38d ago

They just need to rename it to fool the so-called "concerned parents"....or just moms...
maybe call it Pushy lol!

Dee_9137d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Yeah like people are carjacking in chicago because of GTA... not because ya know, it's chicago.. so lets ban gta 🤣
Hell even GTA is pushing it by todays standard.. I miss the 90's more everyday

ghostrider3238d ago

They could, but the generation that was raised by South Park and the Simpsons suddenly became sensitive.

ManMarmalade38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I feel like it has to do with a lot of the younger generation being told to "be a man" and "grow up" and at the same time hold in pent up frustrations through the course of their life including bullying in schools or at home and poor parenting. I want a bully 2, but not for this generation.

Sophisticated_Chap38d ago

Well if being told to be a man is so harsh, I wouldn't want another WW2 situation to happen anytime soon. My grandparents generation were tough as nails, but today Millennials and Gen Z are weak AF. Our society has been demoralized though marxist ideology over the past 30 years, and there might be no going back unless the general population gets smart fast.

ManMarmalade38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Regardless, i wouldnt want them to release a bully 2 and it ends up turning into a shitstorm because people can't handle what the game is supposed to be. Kinda dumb to think about because of all the gorefest games we have like mortal kombat, gears, etc. But it's true. I do really hope we can get a bully 2 though. Or maybe it might not even be that bad if they announced it. Most of us are probably overthinking it tbh. I just don't wanna see companies going belly-up because people are offended by works of fiction.

combolock38d ago

Agreed. Hell, Dr Seuss, Mr Potato Head, and being white is getting cancelled. Imagine not enough of minorities in the prep school, these people will complain about anything...and it's why gaming and entertainment as a whole will never be as good as the past.

Creators have to walk on eggshells to make sure their content checks all the boxes.

SpinalRemains13838d ago

No one complained about Dr. Seuss or Mr. Potato Head. They're private companies and made a business decision all on their own.

Thats called a free market economy.

combolock38d ago


It is a race to be the most woke. Big corporations are competing for the 1% of "woke" lunatics on twitter. It makes the other 99% of us have to deal with inferior quality. In reality they are just digging their own graves driving away all their customers.

Dee_9137d ago

and the saddest part is it accomplishes nothing. because literally no one asked for any of it. We as a society pay too much attention to vocal minorities. Most people could give 2 craps about any of that. especially in todays post covid society

sourOG38d ago

Bully is probably considered worse than GTA by today’s standards. Muh tropes!

Knightofelemia38d ago

I would play it if the story was just as good as RDR 2 I have Bully for PS2 and also bought it cheap for the XB360. But if Bully 2 came out I wouldn't be surprised if you have the parents groups getting all pissy about the game and start saying think of the children.

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The story is too old to be commented.