Discussing Six Days in Fallujah with Spec Ops: The Line Lead Level Designer Jörg Friedrich

The Escapist Show: Nick Calandra & Jack Packard interview Jörg Friedrich, lead level designer on Spec Ops: The Line, on Six Days in Fallujah.

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annoyedgamer39d ago

This game was so based. I literally felt messed up at the end.

sourOG39d ago

I remember always hearing good things about the line but I never got around to it. I might actually watch a playthrough for once to see what the big deal was. I like the stories that sound like they were made on mushrooms

Skate-AK39d ago

It's a pretty good game. Story gets brutal.

TheRealTedCruz39d ago

It's really worth sitting down and playing. I run through it every couple of years.

XbladeTeddy39d ago

Great game, really engages you. Just try it very cheap now.

Xenial39d ago

Spec Ops: The Line was a nice gem. I was surprised by the quality of the story and gameplay. It was definitely worth adding this to my Platinum collection.