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God of War and Spider-Man Coming to PC Would Be a Win for Everybody

With more Sony PlayStation exclusives coming to PC, everyone would win if the likes of God of War and Spider-Man (Bloodborne?) came along.

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Community751d ago
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Jin_Sakai751d ago

Just put them on Xbox while they’re at it. A win for everybody right.

TripleCs751d ago

Seriously, Sony has been making a lot of bad decisions with Jim Ryan at the helm. Everything from increased game prices, porting exclusives to PC, downsizing Japan Studio and not making the Dualsense compatible with the PS4 so you have to buy more controllers is raising some pretty big red flags

CaptainHenry916751d ago

I agree Jim Ryan is about to destroy playstation. But if God of War and all Sony first party exclusives head to PC I'll be leaving the console market. It's one of the reasons I didn't get an Xbox last generation

AngelicIceDiamond751d ago

Why does PS exclusives goin on PC effect you? Just buy them on PS like you've always have.

@Captain luckily you're in the minority. Sony's console will sell millions and millions with out you or any other person that thinks like you do. The vast majority of PS fans don't care nor are they "affected" by it. They don't take it personal like you and many others here do.

CrimsonWing69751d ago

Here's the thing, Jim Ryan is making Sony money, but he's making decisions that everyone blasted Microsoft over like cross-platform releases for 2 years. I personally can't stand him since he's made comments that irked me such as not understanding the appeal of backwards compatibility. I know in terms of holding a console back cross-platform releases shouldn't matter if you look at things from a PC perspective and tweaking settings, but I know these cross-platform games are being built for last-gen. Look at Miles Morales, in no way did that take full advantage of the PS5's capabilities.

darthv72751d ago

honestly, what's so wrong with supporting the PC? Believe it or not there are those who prefer the PC just as there are those who prefer console. No reason both can't coexist. I am a console person and games that were once on console and now support PC don't bother me in any way. It's not like I wont be able to enjoy my console version now that I know others will play it on PC.

If Sony decides to bring these games... more power to them. I will still buy the console version no matter what.

lalalala751d ago

If the game is coming to PC after 2-3 years, it literally doesn't matter any more. All it means is more sales for the game, more money for the developers, more interest in sequels of said games. More interest in the sequels = more console sales = more games. It's the circle of life.

crazyCoconuts751d ago

yeah, they're raising some pretty big red flags.... for Microsoft

The Wood751d ago

Logic gets it. Usp's mean something and always have.

neutralgamer1992751d ago


In the long run you end up hurting your own brand just like at xbox brand. On its 4th console and yet to be on same level as nintendo or playstation. I think people need to chill here is what I think is going on

Some of these older ps4 titles being on PC doesn't really hurt PlayStation because by now most playstation fans who wanted to play them most likely already did and they can be had for $10-15

The newer games being on pc will hurt PlayStation 5 because it will give people less reasons to own ps5. I think we may see few ps4 games on pc in future but no big ps5 exclusives. Sony needs playstation to succeed ms doesn't need xbox to succeed. That's just a simple fact of the matter xbox is side business for ms while playstation is the main course from sony


And here is the biggest thing Sony wants to sell ps5 to get people into their ecosystems and subscriptions

TheKingKratos751d ago (Edited 751d ago )

Naughty Dogs games, God of War, Spidey games etc of the big IPs won't come because they are moving consoles a lot already and very big system seller

Would be a very dumb move... I am laughing at the ppl who think Bloodborne will come to pc ... they didn't bother to patch it on ps4 but they will bother to make a port for PC lol

TheColbertinator751d ago


How is it a bad idea to make more money? Microsoft is going after the PC market and Nintendo is finding space in the mobile market. Get with the times.

gurp751d ago

I agree, Sony is destroying itself.
I bought a PS5 for exclusives, otherwise I play everything on my PC.

OptimusDK751d ago

It is wrong because they are not even doing the effort of making cross progression and cross buy that we are seeing on Xbox side. Not that it is all prefect - but they are really trying to do it right.

Jin_Sakai750d ago


“honestly, what's so wrong with supporting the PC?“

Let’s put Xbox exclusives on PlayStation and support them too.

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We have to take in consideration that Playstation and Xbox have different business models. Playstation primarily wants to sell you a console, whereas Xbox primarily wants to sell you Game Pass.

Playstation needs exclusive titles to make the PS5 attractive. Microsoft doesn't focus as much on exclusives because they're more concerned about giving you the best "deal" for gaming overall.

Spiderman going to Xbox would hurt Playstation because it would make the PS5 less attractive. Spiderman going to PC changes nothing because PC gamers (generally) aren't interested in gaming a console anyways.

Sony would be gaining revenue from a source that would have never given them revenue in the first place.

crazyCoconuts751d ago

I agree with most of what you're saying, but MS needs exclusives just as much as Sony does. With the exception of GamePass on PC (which is probably a very small slice of the pie), people are playing Xbox games on Xbox consoles.
That best deal in gaming is disputable as well when you look at the consumer cost compared to the competition.
I think the market will continue to prove that without exclusives MS won't be able to touch Sony's sales, GamePass or no GamePass.

Tech5751d ago (Edited 751d ago )

BadBoyC -
"Seriously, Sony has been making a lot of bad decisions with Jim Ryan at the helm. "

but not necessarily so, a few devs also claimed to have interests in pc gaming as well - Cory Barlog, Hermen Hulst, Ted Price, Ru Weerasuriya, David Cage, on top of Kojima which also had joint exclusivity with sony.

Mefdar750d ago

Consoles thrives on exclusives if there's no exclusives there's no incentive to owning a console. It would be absolutely better just to have a pc.

343_Guilty_Spark750d ago

I don't think internally Sony would tell you they just want to sell consoles. They make more off games and services.

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nyu1751d ago

Wrong. That would be a loss for Sony.

A PC version released later would not be a significant loss for Sony at all, because most people who play these games will still play them on consoles.

CrimsonWing69751d ago

I hear ya. People don't understand that when you invest a lot of money into a console's ecosystem you typically make that decision based on the exclusive content you can only play on that console.

I'm not going to whine about other's getting access to the game, which is all fine and dandy, the only thing is it makes me question why invest in a console then? Might as well go PC and get the exclusives from both platforms.

LOGICWINS751d ago (Edited 751d ago )

"I'm not going to whine about other's getting access to the game, which is all fine and dandy, the only thing is it makes me question why invest in a console then?"

I'll answer your question with a question.

Why is Mcdonald's the most lucrative burger joint when there are millions of other burger joints that sell you the same product?

Why is the iPad always the best selling tablet each year despite there being dozens of other tablets on the market?

It's not always about "exclusive" content. Doing things better and cheaper than your competition can give you the #1 spot.

For example, Xbox does backwards compatibility (FPS Boost, playing across 4 generations), options (using Series X controller for last gen consoles, adaptive controller), value (1st party XGS games are still $60, buying a 1st party game ONCE gets you a free copy on the PC, Game Pass) better than Playstation.

Would you refuse to buy a pepperoni pizza at Dominoes simply because Pizza Hut offers that SAME pizza? look at other factors. It's the same deal with gaming.

CrimsonWing69751d ago (Edited 751d ago )


I'd argue that the burger joints, iPad, and pizza places are more successful due to exclusivity.

I can only get an iPad from Apple. I can only get a Big Mac from McDonald's. I can only get a Pizza Hut Pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut. Trust me, Dominoes pepperoni pizza ain't the same and Jet's pepperoni pizza trumps all, but I digress. Also, if the same pizza joint sold the same exact pizza I'd choose the location that was closer to where I live, the only other factor I'd take into account is what do they offer differently than the competitor, or what is "exclusive" to your restaurant that the other doesn't have?

I think for your argument to make more sense the real question would be, "Why support McDonald's if you could get the Big Mac at Burger King?"

Or, "Why support Apple if you could get the iPad from Microsoft?"

And finally, "Why get a pepperoni pizza from Dominoes if the very same recipe and make is available at Pizza Hut?"

That "exclusivity" is what keeps people coming back to those same businesses.

Xbox loses out due to exclusivity and partially due to brand loyalty, which yea, it exists but think about Nintendo when the PS1 showed up. Nintendo was the reigning champion in the console market and I was even a brand loyalist to them at that time missing out on the Saturn. However, when I saw Final Fantasy VII and all the other games exclusive to the PS1 platform and then looked back at what the N64 had to offer, I completely shifted towards PS1. I feel that exclusivity of games was also a key factor in the PS1's success.

It's a humongous feat to stay alive in the console arena. Look at Atari, Panasonic, TurboGrafx, etc. The market was full of competition back then. Hell, even today you still see corporations trying to get into the console arena but it's difficult. Microsoft happened to enter at the right time (when Sega bowed out) and with having the right exclusive at the time of launch (Halo). It's been argued had Xbox not launched with Halo it would have flopped. Stuff like the 3DO and Jaguar had exclusive content, but man was it borderline shovel ware. I think in their case it was just the new kid on the block syndrome and showing up with content that just didn't measure up to the competition.

My point with all of this is that exclusives are what incentivize a consumer to support that product over the competitors. I chose to support the PS4 over Xbox One because of the exclusive games making the library for that console so much more dense and varied. Had Xbox gotten more exclusives I would've chosen them over the competition. With that in mind, when you can choose only one platform why wouldn't you pick the platform that has all the games found on the other 2 along with exclusives only found on their platform? I mean buying 2 consoles already sets you near a bracket for getting a decent PC and the games are cheaper for the most part.

I've always been a console gamer, myself. However, my argument to PC elitists was where else can I play "insert exclusive here"? Now, I can't really argue that anymore.

FlavorLav01750d ago (Edited 750d ago )

Cool. Enjoy playing your backlog for 3 years, and continually waiting for Sony games to drop while the rest of us will be playing the games you want to play. That makes perfect sense.

Tedakin751d ago

You're right. Just like putting all those Bethesda games on PS.... A win for everyone right? Don't wanna miss out on that money.

CrimsonWing69751d ago (Edited 751d ago )

I mean, it's a win for Xbox and PC.

ABizzel1751d ago

Just put all games on all platforms.

The reality is it's good for gamers especially multi-console gamers. However, this is unlikely to ever happen, as ego, and greed often accompany these companies.

The reality is PS Exclusives are one of the highlights of PS Consoles. What Jim is doing is better for the overall company, but not better for the PS Brand alone. The reality is all companies are trying to grow the market has been fairly consistent since the PS360 era and to an extent the PS2 era (200m - 300m). If the hardware market isn't going to grow substantially beyond that, then the next thing to do is to grow software sales and the only way to do that is via a game service or to put games on other platforms.

The business makes sense, the problem is not causing issues with your current fan base. So as long as the games come 2 - 3 years later it shouldn't be an issue. After the game hits PS+ it should be fair game as nearly all PS players will have access to the game by then.

Sieden751d ago

Why does it matter what AMD Zen/Navi plastic box the games are available on?

DOMination-750d ago

Everybody on N4G keeps saying Microsoft need to release Zenimax games on Playstation otherwise they won't make as much money so it stands to reason that Sony should do the same right

Godmars290750d ago

Until it happens, and they don't perform as well as on the PS5. Nevermind demands they be available day one on the Xbox.

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locomorales751d ago

In my personal opinion, these PlayStation Studios Games on other plataforms wear out PlayStation brand for me. I think it makes them closer to a third party publisher and break the bong between hardware and software. If I know beforehand that all PlayStation Games are avaliable on other platforms, maybe I could buy another platform.

Shane Kim751d ago

The future is sadly streaming services and going third party for both MS and Sony.

Michiel1989751d ago

yeah look at Stadia, definitely looks like the future playing 340p 30fps

locomorales750d ago

Yeah, I agree with you. Most of times companies just create the future that are better for them. And that's the case with streaming. I don't like it. I feel sorry for those believing they have any power to change that future.

neomahi751d ago

Sony doesnt have to port them, if the console market dies, Sony now knows theres a market for it when it comes to that, but their consoles are selling well, softwares selling well, and the PC gamer will always be there if consoles die, otherwise, exactly, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, just manufacture your own hardware for gamers preference and then just release your games on all platforms......

ABizzel1750d ago

That's because you're thinking of it as a fan, and not as a business. As a business, your job is to not only appease your fans, your priority is to the financial needs of the business (otherwise there is no business), the shareholders, your employees, and then the fans.

Xbox games are on PC day one, in order to make as much on software as possibly, considering PC has surpassed Xbox as the 2nd best selling platforms for software for most multiplat 3rd party developers. PlayStation exclusives sell well, but if they could bring those same games to PC 2 - 3 years after releasing on PS5, and sell an additional 5 million copies or so that's around $150m - $200m in profit for them, which is foolish to give up on business-wise because some fans want to exclude other audiences.

AAA games are getting bigger and costing more to develop, and the thing is that PC version sales could literally fund an entire sequel and pay the entire staff and team needed to make the game, while the original sales on PS5 keep Sony in the green (not just PlayStation) and keeps shareholders happy and developers employed.

This is a business first and foremost, and so long as Sony keeps their games coming 2 preferably 3 years down the road besides games that for F2P (Destruction All-Stars needs a PS4 and PC version ASAP to give the game a bigger audience) this shouldn't really be a problem for anyone especially PS gamers. I think Sony is strategically picking which games they move over currently which are primarily open-world games and games that used Unreal Engine (Days Gone) or Guerrilla Games engine (Horizon and Death Stranding), so if a game is open-world or made on those engines it's likely to be ported to PC 2 - 3 years later.

I don't think they'll do their mascots like Drake, Kratos, etc..., but Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man, Horizon Forbidden West, Gravity Rush, inFamous, and maybe even RIGS, Until Dawn, and Killzone: Shadow Fall all have real chances of going to PC over the next few years and let's just say all those games do come and sell a combined 30 million, that's $1.2 trillion in pure profit for Sony and PlayStation.

locomorales750d ago

Of course I'm thinking as fan. It's what we are. If I was a capitalist man trying to squeeze money from anywhere I couldn't care less about any "children's game". But I'm not. So I care about the product and the consequences of some decision have over me and my perception.

ABizzel1750d ago


Business prioritize money. Plain and simple. You’re not wrong in your wants, but the reality is they’re going to do what’s best for them as a business.

FlavorLav01750d ago

How does porting over 3 year old games hurt the brand or the console? I just don’t see it. I have PS4, PS5, and a gaming PC, but I’m not waiting 3 years just to play PS titles on PC first. Lol. That’s absurd, and a lot a waiting and not gaming. Meanwhile, Sony still has exclusivity when it matters, several years past launch, when sales die off they port a few games over to inspire more character and brand recognition over in the PC arena, make more money for sequel budgets, but this is a bad thing somehow and Jim Ryan is destroying gaming? Lol

locomorales750d ago

But I do. I don't like exclusive games I bought on that condition become avaliable everywhere. I like the "tribalism" and sense of community that consoles used to bring. You can disagree. It's fair. But you can't say I'm wrong.

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PS-Gamer-1986751d ago

Please don't. Every great consoles need as many great exclusives as possible to differentiate from their competitors and pc. If not, what's the point of having different console makers at all or why have console at all?

JL2930751d ago (Edited 751d ago )

What's the point of buying one car brand over the other? They all have wheels, take you where you want to go. It's called consumer choice. You have the right to not own any gaming platform at all.

PS-Gamer-1986751d ago

Ah ok you prefer a boring console market where we only get to chose between lame services and hardware.

750d ago
nyu1751d ago

What are you afraid of exactly ? Everyone buying a gaming PC instead of a PS5 ?

Console gamers will play mostly on console. Releasing a late PC version is fine. It is indeed a win for the vast majority of people. Sony should not listen to these people lol.

751d ago
ILostMyMind751d ago

Sony should listen to those people who are no longer buying XBox consoles because all its games run better and cheaper on the PC.

RedDevils751d ago

I know right, who the f buy an Xbox in these days and age, when everything on the xbox can be game on the PC.

AngelicIceDiamond751d ago (Edited 751d ago )

I guess you and everyone forgot about Sony Online Entertainment later known as Day Break. Making games like Ever Quest, Planet Side DC Universe Online. Sony sold them 6 short years ago so I don't know why everyone thinks it's Foreign for Sony to work with the PC platform since they been doing it for a little over 20 years now. It's not like Jim Ryan just woke up 2 years back and randomly got the idea to put a few of his games on PC. Or got the idea from MS 5 years ago this month actually when they started doing it (successfully anyway). In fact they have more experience than MS overall when it comes to the PC in terms of working with that platform. Only difference now is they're putting their system seller games on that platform. A platform they've supported for 23 years.

It's not unusual or surprising. Sony's been thinking about putting their games on PC for a long time now.

Rebel_Scum751d ago

I don't mind if they do put them on PC as long as the PS gets some Microsoft IP's in return. Although I don't like Halo, it would be cool to see it on PS. What I'd really like is Ori tbh.

MadLad751d ago (Edited 751d ago )

One has nothing to do with the other.
PC is an open platform. MS has a vested interest in both the console market, and the PC market, thus they cater to both.
We have an entire comments section crying over Playstation games moving over to a neutral platform after launch, and your response is that Sony should now get their direct competition's 1st party releases? That is by no means equal or balanced.

RazzerRedux751d ago (Edited 751d ago )


" MS has a vested interest in both the console market, and the PC market"

It is no different between Sony and Microsoft. They both have to come to the king of PC gaming: Steam.

But to your point, PC is like a massive "no man's land" for consoles. Microsoft gets no money from Sony games on PC. Same for Sony and MS games. It is neutral ground.

And before anyone starts yapping about Windows, let's be real. PC gaming isn't going to start or stop because Sony put their games on PC. Not a single Windows license will be sold simply because of Days Gone or Horizon Zero Dawn.

Rebel_Scum751d ago


Obviously the deal would be exclusivity between the Microsoft store front on PC. Im not alluding to whacking it on Steam amd get MS ip’s for free, that doesnt make sense.

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neomahi751d ago

Everyone just wants Sony to be like Microsoft. Out of touch inexperienced gaming businessmen and to an extent, Sony are caving and walking that path.

You see, at one time, Microsoft understood the power of exclusivity. In fact, they understood it so much that when Epic Games were preparing to port Gears of War to PlayStation hardware (still not clear if it wouldve been PS3 or straight to PS4, knowing there was a whole crowd of gamers theyd hadnt milked dry yet, Microsoft were quick to snap it up and the series was to be developed by Black Tusk, now The Coalition, its President has since left for Blizzard (The Coalition had a lot of promise I guess). Microsoft knows the value of exclusives and they still fight for them (Phantasy Star Online 2 anyone?)

You see, once Xbox One came around and fell to shambles through executives that had no clue what was going on and had a terrible habit if jumping the gun sent Xbox into a further spiral. Sony had gained ground and pushed past the Xbox 360 with a new design, lower price, and an incredible library of games you could only play on PS3. Once PS4 was announced, Microsoft knew they were in trouble and they were going to lose hardware sales and had to make up for it somehow, so they decided to tap into the PC gamer market, going back where they came from. Their own service they provided, however, was garbage so theyre now even having to abandon their own PC service and turn to Steam. Thats why Microsoft is trying to appeal to the PC crowd, theyre losing horrendously, they're not the number one they want to be and realizing theyre now just existing in the console gaming market running third-place, again. So, why then, is Sony following along when Sony have been the leaders and the innovators for some time? Sony doesnt need the PC market, theyre doing fine on their own and releasing games on Steam is even more baffling and Gabe Newell has zero respect for PlayStation and has been vocal about it, even post PS4. Why back him? For a while it was Epic Games store front, and why Sony doesnt have their own PC storefront if its that easy as Epic Games started, Sony might as well have their own PC Gaming space. PlayStation PC or PPC.

This is all just really bizzare. Microsoft have clue what theyre doing, Phil Spencer shows hes running things just like Don Mattrick was, hes no better. Trying to jack up Xbox Live to $120 and when everyone goes into an uproar comes back and apologies and says "Look! We're listening to you!" (Clap clap clap) Wow, what a savior, while Sony sits back and says "why would someone do that to their loyal customers? Thats obsurd! No, we wouldnt do that."

I dont get it.....

neomahi751d ago

Downvotes, youre just mad because its true.

Fishy Fingers751d ago

Reading through the thread you just seem mad.

x_xavier_x751d ago

Sorry pal, you appear to be the one who is mad. The question is, are you "mad" as in angry or "mad" as in crazy? I'm going to go with both.

Tedakin751d ago

Phil Spencer has no idea what he's doing, says a guy who supports a company run by Jim Ryan.

King_Noctis751d ago

I admire people who have so much time on their hand to write nonsensical wall of text.

343_Guilty_Spark750d ago

I'm happy Xbox gives me options. Exclusivity is great but it ain't the end all be all. Lot of excellent 3rd party games.

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neomahi751d ago

And why the frick is Sony developing The Show 21 for Xbox? Its just another jab from Microsoft sitting back in their chair laughing "LOOK WHAT WE GOT FROM SONY!" And while Sonys being generous, what is Microsoft doing for Sony, if theres mutual respect? Oh yeah, nothing!!!!

TripleCs751d ago (Edited 751d ago )

It probably had something to do with the licensing agreements. MLB might have wanted it on multiple platforms and wouldn't let Sony renew their contract unless they agreed to those terms. Other than that I see no possible reason as to why it would be coming to other platforms

itsmebryan751d ago (Edited 751d ago )

It's simple "Money "! They don't care about fanboys. Corporations are here to make money. The larger the audience the more opportunity to make money. That's why Sony's bringing "Exclusivex to PC .

ShadowWolf712751d ago

There's a reason that the game going multiplat was announced at the same time as the license renewal.

ILostMyMind751d ago

This is where you are failing. Sony, by making games for other platforms, is losing money. Sony profits from the third-party games it sells on PlayStation. If people stop buying PlayStation, Sony will die.

itsmebryan751d ago

Please explain how expanding their market makes them lose money?

DOMination-750d ago

If you sell games on another platform you have to pay for development kits and licensing so the console maker takes a share of the sale.

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Battlestar23751d ago

MLB forced Sony's hand regarding The Show 21. They told Sony make the game multi-platform from now on or we will give the license to someone else.